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I'm not doing ok but I guess that's ok Right? Just a little. It's nice to see that as a waste of space one thing I can do is waste my time I'm just gonna let the negative emotions run through until they stop Thanks God for keeping me alive, please help me be awake too Its me or not but I often feel like my biggest failure and when not my help my biggest enemy I don't speak my mind I stopped when I realized I'd shoot them down myself My heart is hurting again it has that empty and sad feel that's been returning more and more often How can I be happy if I can't? How can I continue on if I can't be happy? I stopped writing actually, but I do definitely need to. It's very calming even if I don't get anything out of it The stinging paper cut on my pinky reminds me that I'm still alive even though I don't think I want to be here Not like this I know I look how I feel or maybe I don't Is that why no one has asked me why I'm not doing ok? Do I really need to be the caretaker of my life? Do the people who I know love me or not? I would understand if they didn't Because that's just a waste of time Even if I did become something special or the hero of all the misfits I wouldn't want them and so would even further isolate myself I'm not doing ok but I guess that's ok Right? Just a little. Again I'm remembering that I can't stop. Again I think of the actions I put in place There's nothing more that I can think that I haven't heard or thought of already Why doesn't anyone know? Why should anyone care Deep breaths then, is what I guess I need. Alright then.. I will keep breathing. Thanks