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Hey everybody! I'm back again to remind you guys that voting for the BBMA's has officially started today. In case you didn't know, BTS is the first Kpop group to be nominated for the Billboard Music Awards. Here are some updates👻 ⚠️Click here to vote!!!⚠
So apparently ARMYs have been working really hard and our hashtag is trending #1 world wide! And to top it off, we hold the most votes so far???😧
We have to make sure we keep up the pace and continue not only voting, but streaming their music videos as well for all 21 days! We can't afford to slack.🙅🙅🙅
If you are voting on twitter make sure you at least have the first sentence and DON'T forget the hashtags #BBMAs and #BTSBBMAs. If you are voting on Billboard's website, keep in mind that you can vote 100 times a day!
Thanks so much for reading my card! I'll be back! Please be sure to vote BTS for the BBMA Awards and spread the word! 😤💪
Starting today! Ready, Set, VOTE!!!