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As you all know voting had opened today and the results and the gap between Justin Bieber and the boys is a whopping 12 MILL votes!!! GREAT JOB ARMYS! Keep on going! This would really be a great step for the boys and KPOP!!
US ARMYS CAN VOTE HERE I-ARMYS can vote on twitter! Use the prompt below as a guide I am voting for @bts_twt for Top Social Artist Award at the #BBMAs #BTSBBMAs !!ARMYS FIGHTING!!
All army's can vote on the billboard website as long as you have a Facebook account!
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Westerners are even giving cred to kpop fans 😂😂
ARMY has this!
remember you can vote 100 times a day on Twitter and 100 times on the site. we should vote as many times as possible up until Sunday because from what I've heard Justin fans are mass voting today and tomorrow. we don't hav the award until namjoon is holding it in his hands
Yay! 🎉