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I'm constantly getting into songs way late, especially with Kpop.

Especially with girl groups, I need to listen to songs a ton of times until I get into it. For 4Minute I genuinely hate their songs until about 3 months later and then I listen to it on repeat!

I'm not TOO late this time, luckily :)

I'm so ashamed that I'm only getting into it now hahah as an ex-YG employee I should love everything bahaha

This came on auto-play on YouTube and I fell in love. I watched the video the day it came out, but something about the video turned me off and I couldn't get into the song. Listening to it without the video made it SO MUCH BETTER!

So if you aren't digging this track I highly suggest listening without the video :)

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Same I didn't become a fan of winner until this comeback although I was on the edge and this is what pushed me over. It usually takes me a while to become a "fan" of groups.