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“Where are we?” Her friend asked.

Her unnie eyed one in particular and started texting. “There's a turn up ahead, go left. There's going to be a house with cherry blossom trees in front, pull in. No one lives there.”

“Are you sure about this?” Her friend sounded nervous. Her unnie nodded. So she did what she said.

They pulled into the empty house. From what she could see, was that it was still under construction or being renovated. Her unnie told her to turn the lights off. They waited in the dark.

Up ahead of them, she could see movement on the other side of the chain fence. Then she seen three bodies climb over the fence and head towards them. Her unnie jumped out. She tried to stop her but she realized there was no stopping her when it came to her honey. One immediately scooped her up in their arms as the other two stood back. Then they walked back to the car. The two got into the backseat.

“Hello noona!” The eldest said first, happily smiling at her. The other one, that sexy dancer one, simply smiled and bowed his head. She greeted the both of them. “Did you find out anything new on that girl?”

“No. Only what you and I found so far.” She replied. She looked out the window and seen her unnie standing next to the car. She could hear his voice getting louder, his hands up in the air, he was pacing in front of her, then her unnie grabbed his face and started kissing him, his arms went down to his sides like wet noodles. He rolled to the side of her and they seemed to be talking.

“What are you two talking about?” The sexy dancer asked. They were completely oblivious to what was going on outside.

“Me and this noona found some important information about that girl.”

“Oh really, like what?”

“She's using a fake name for one and… what was the other thing?”

“Her age.” She said turning her attention back to her ‘oppa’ and that sexy dancer, “It was her age, she's older than she says she is.”

The eldest remembering the information, “Yes, yes that's it!” His bright kitty eyes blinked at her in the dark, she was glad it was dark enough that he couldn't see her blush. She looked down at the steering wheel.

“That's interesting.” The dancer said. "What's her real name?"

She reached down on the passenger floor and handed him the binder. He turned his phone on so he could read the name. She could hear him repeating that girls name, "I know that name from somewhere... Hyung, doesn't that name sound familiar?" The eldest shook his head thinking on it.

There was a knock on the passenger window. They all got out. She went around to the other side of the car and stood next to her unnie. Her unnies love was standing in front of her, staring at her like there was no one else around. Even in the dim half moon, she could see there was something wrong. She nudged her unnie, she barely tore her eyes away.

“We better get going. It's getting late and you need to be lying down.” She said to her.

The other two looked curious. “Why, what happened?” they both asked at the same time.

Her unnie looked at them, “The manager kicked the hell out of me, he really did some damage.”

The sexy dancer stepped in front of her unnies honey, nearly pushing him out of the way, “What kind of damage?”

She grabbed her tummy, “My muscles got bruised pretty bad, there was a torn muscle. I'm supposed to be lying in bed.” Her unnie looked to her baby god, he looked down at her stomach, his face turning angry, then he looked away. “I'll be staying with my friend while you guys are gone.”

Her dark god reached out to touch her belly but his hand stopped. He looked up at her, “Are you okay? Are you in pain?” He asked, his voice sounding so hurt.

“Of course she's in pain.” Her baby god said suddenly, “Go, go with your friend. Don't do anything until I get back.” He commanded. “Let's get going.” He grabbed his brothers and left.

She watched her unnie standing there, looking at the spot he had been standing.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Let's go.” her unnie said.

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wow! There is a lot going on. Why is that snake's real name so familiar??? interesting...🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔