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Hoya - The Greatest Distance

You and Hoya, Hoya and you; being inseparable was an understatement; you completed each other, you went everywhere together. There was not one day that had gone by that you weren’t with him or thinking about him. He always showed you off in public and with the fans. He wasn’t afraid of what the media said about you two, he was fearless.

You were looking through pictures on the computer about you and Hoya. It had been six years since the media had found Hoya and you, both singing and acting in a drama together, since then everything fell into place; you have been married to Hoya for four years and had a son together, who was two, Teo. Filing through the pictures of you and Hoya in the hospital with Teo brought tears to your eyes as you watched the years fly by with all of the beautiful memories that you have made together over the years. Hoya entered the room and saw you staring at the computer with tears in your eyes, he came over and wrapped his arms around your neck and raised your hands and rested them on his. He kissed your head as a tear rolled down your cheek. Wiping the tear away he brushed your hair away and pulled up a picture on the computer of your wedding day.

“I am so glad that I got the chance to marry you.” He whispered in your ear causing another tear to fall

“I am too.” You stared at his almond brown eyes.

You both leaned in for the kiss as Teo came into the room and pushed Hoya over to the floor. Hoya naturally played along and fell onto the ground like he was hurt. Then Teo became increasingly worried and ran over to you looked at you and then back at Hoya.

“Mommy, Daddy is hurt can you help him?” Your child looked up at you as Hoya did and your heart melted as you moved off of the chair and onto your knees.

“I think I can, but you need to help me OK? It will only work if we do it together.” You stared into Teo’s eyes as little tears began to form.

“Ok” Teo squeaked out. You motioned for Teo and you to kiss Hoya on either cheek of his face then to give him a big hug. “DADDY, WAKE UP!!!” yelling at his dad to wake up.

You both did the spell that would bring him back. You leaned in and kissed his soft, pink cheek then tucked your head into the notch of his neck and your son followed you. You felt a hand gently rubbing your head and you kissed his neck. You looked up and placed your head on Hoya’s chest as you felt him breathing and his heartbeat was soothing to you as well. You watched as Hoya put his hand on Teo’s back, Teo’s head rose from the shoulder of Hoya.

“Daddy, you came back.” Teo whispered loudly into Hoya’s ear, so you could hear it as well

“I couldn’t leave you alone with Mommy.” Hoya explained as you closed your eyes and let his hand slide down to your waist.

The computer made a noise, for an incoming message. You got to your feet to see what it was; Hoya put Teo into both of his secure hands and started tossing Teo into the air and catching him. Teo was obviously enjoying himself as you looked at Hoya. You caught Hoya’s eye and he set Teo down and told him to go play in the other room. Teo ran through the door laughing, with a big smile, his little legs pounding against the wood floor. Hoya came over and wrapped his hands around your waist as you opened up the email called Music Announcement it was from Woollim Entertainment. The email read:

Infinite Members,
Sorry for the late notice but we need you to go on a special assignment for us. You will be going to Europe for the NEW YEAR’S KPOP BASH. We need you all to attend and to be present. You will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM. Please be ready to go to the airport. See you tomorrow.
P.S. – Hoya you cannot bring your wife or kid this trip (it isn’t in the budget for them, and you cannot personally pay for them either, like you did last time. They will have to stay at home).

You reached the bottom of the email and tears began to swell in your eyes again. Hoya squeezed you tighter and buried his face in your hair. You turned around and engulfed him into a big hug. Tears were streaming down his face as you began to shush him and try to calm him down. Teo stood at the doorway and looked at you to and knocked on the door frame. Your head turned and acknowledged him to come in, Teo came in and placed his tiny arms around his father’s waist as he was doing to you and held tight. Hoya sat up from the comfort of your shoulder and looked at Teo hugging his dad around his waist. Hoya picked Teo up and placed him on his lap on the bed; you walked over and sat next to Hoya, hugging his arm.

“Daddy, don’t cry. Everything ok, you see… Smile, please.” Teo gave a smile with the few teeth that he had showing.

Hoya pulled all the happiness within him to force a smile, pulled him into a tight hug, then Teo ran off into another room. Your hand intertwined with his and your head leaned against his shoulder as you sat there thinking what you could do in this situation.

“I guess you will have to pack.” You started staring ominously at the wall

“Can you two fit in the suitcase?” Hoya looked down at you seriously

“I think we could but we would pass the weight limit.” You chuckled under your breath.

You both sat there for a while thinking and becoming increasingly scared with every passing minute. Teo came into your room once again.

“I better get dinner, Hoya. I will be back.” He released your hand and fell to his back on the bed.
You picked up Teo and headed for the kitchen. You fixed a small dinner for Teo and you.

“Mommy, why is Daddy so sad?” Teo looked at you while he ate another bite of his sandwich.

“He is sad because he is leaving on a singing trip.” You explained

“Isn’t he coming back?”

“Yes, in a while.” You started to get quite again as Teo began asking more questions.

“How long is a while?”

“Now, it is a month.”

“How long is a month?” Teo was now getting more curious and you were getting more agitated

“Four weeks. Please just eat your food, Teo. No more questions.”

As you got Teo ready for bed Hoya made an appearance in Teo’s bedroom, Hoya grabbed a book and sat in the rocking chair as Teo walked over to Hoya and jumped on Hoya’s lap. You left the room and worked with the dishes in the kitchen.

“Goodnight, Daddy. Have fun singing.” Teo said in such an understanding voice

“Goodnight, my biggest fan. I will be thinking of you and mom the whole time.” Hoya whispered as he closed the door and joined you in the kitchen.

Hoya just stood there in silence as you two did the dishes together and cleaned the house as best as you could. You were becoming very tired then Hoya turned on the soft music.

“Can I have this last dance?” Whispering to make sure he didn’t wake up Teo

Hoya held out his hand as you placed your hand in his a calmness swept over you. He wrapped his hands around your waist and you swayed across your living room for hours. He led you to bed, you both were tired enough to go to bed but you couldn’t fall asleep, you lay in bed, and he intertwined his fingers in your hair, then to your hand. You lay on his chest embracing every heart beat and every breath that he took; time seemed to slip through your fingers.

The dark clouds hid the sun from shining through your window, raindrops started to fall lightly to the window, rolling down the window with every second. His phone buzzed, he reached and grabbed it off of the stand next to the bed.

“What does it say, Hoya?”

“They are going to pick me up here, since it is on the way to the airport and you need the car.” A
tear rolled down his face again.

“Hoya? Why is this so hard for you? I will be here with Teo when you come back. I will always be yours no matter what.”

“We have never been that far apart before for this long too. I am scared that when I come back
Teo will be all grown up and I will not be able to see that month of his life ever again. I just don’t want to miss more of his life and yours and ours as a family. For a month I will not be around to play with you two, to dance with you two, to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with you two. It scares me.” Hoya started to embrace you then he looked at the time.

He gently pushed you off of his chest and onto the pillow beside you. You watched him as he got up and walked to the closet. Pulled out a suitcase and put in some clothes. You climbed out of bed and started folding his clothes that were in the suitcase. He took off his shirt and you stared at the beautiful body that was before you. You stood up and hugged him; he clung to you as he embraced you, rubbing your hands up and down his soft muscular back reminded you of the first time you met on the drama. Flashes of your life together went through your mind.

An hour later, you finished packing his clothes and he was all ready to go. Someone knocked on the door and Hoya slowly walked to the door as you grabbed his suitcase. You opened the door and the manager was standing there.

“Time to go, Lee Ho-won” The manager said with a harsh voice, “I will be at the end of the hall when you two are done.” He grabbed the suitcase and walked down the hall.

Hoya looked at you and simultaneously flung each other into each other’s arms. You kissed him on the lips as you two finished embracing.

“You can always call me and Teo.” You reassured him. Hoya nodded his head as he held back the tears.

You watched him as his left your apartment, his hair flowed as he walked and his muscles tense as he stopped at the door frame. You ran up to him and hugged and kissed him for the last time. Watching him walk away with his head down, he looked back at you when he walked to the manager that look was like watching you die. It was devastating. When he left the apartment you leaned against the front door and cried. You couldn’t stop until Teo woke up. Teo came up to you with his train pajamas; his messed up hair and climbed into your lap.

“Mommy? Why are you crying like Daddy?”

“Well, Daddy left this morning. Mommy is sad because we have never been apart for this long before.” A tear fell from your face. Teo wiped it from your face. “Why did you do that Teo?”

“Daddy told me look after you like he does.” You embraced Teo in a hug. “Daddy, come back, don’t worry. Smile Mommy.” Teo looked at you with the cutest smile ever and you smiled back.
Teo hoped off of your lap. “Now, what breakfast” he patted his stomach as he walked away, just like Hoya you thought to yourself.

The computer made a noise for a video chat conversation. You acknowledged the request and Hoya appeared in the hotel that he was supposed to stay at. He was sweating and he looked at you with the eyes of his and you started crying. Teo came and talked with Hoya until you had to put him to bed. You placed the laptop on your bed and lay next to the computer all night long. You just talked with Hoya and enjoyed having him around, even if he wasn’t right next to you. It was early in the morning and the sun was coming up

“I forgot to tell you something.” Hoya confessed. “When I am without you I cannot think of anything but you and Teo. So I wrote a song for both of you it goes like this.” Hoya started singing

You’ll never know what you’ve done for me, what your faith in me has done for my soul…You’ll never know the gift you’ve given me.. I’ll carry it with me (yeah…yeah…) Through the days ahead I think of days before you made me hope for something better (yes you did) And made me reach for something more

You taught me to run, you taught me to fly, helped me to free the me inside Help me hear the music of my heart help me hear the music of my heart, you’ve opened my eyes, you’ve opened the door to something I’ve never known before,and your love…(love) Is the music of my heart.. (music of my heart) You were the only one always on my side (always on my side) Seeing me through

You were the song that always made me sing I’m singing this for you (singing this for you baby) Everywhere I go, I think of where I’ve been (think of where I’ve been), And of the one who knew me better, than anyone ever will again

What you taught me, only your love could ever teach me, you got through when no one could reach me Ohh…ohh…ohh, cause you always saw in me, all the best that I could be it was you who set me free…

You’ve opened the door (opened the door), to something I’ve never known before (never, never, felt before)

And your love…Is the music of my heart.. Music of my heart, Music of my heart, is the music of my heart…

You fell asleep while his song kept playing. He stayed on chat watching you for the rest of the morning.

I will always be with you, no matter how far apart we are ~ Unknown
just what i needed! Awe Hoya!
awww I'm so glad you enjoyed them!!!
and shes back with more!!!!!!!! Im going to charge my phone then go read all of these!
yes!!! I have them already written I just need to upload them haha and with final exams and such it takes me a moment to find time :) happy reading!
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Kpop Relatables for every Kpop fan. You do this too, don't lie.
Hey everyone! In honor of today being my birthday starting.. 3 hours ago, I have decided to post these relatable and fun kpop pictures I have found and wanted to share with you all. I wanted to make sure you all got a couple laughs and know that you are absolutely not alone in this community. I just found some of these while I was looking up kpop things( like I always do) and stumbled upon them. Thank you all for always being there and tagging me in things i may like. It always makes me feel wanted and like I'm part of something which is something I have always wanted. If any of you ever want to talk or let me know what you want me to post about, you can always message me or comment, my inbox is always open!! Enjoy guys!!! I'm pretty sure most, if not all of us have done this at one point or another. Even I did it yesterday when I watched the end of the dance for EOEO by Uniq when they are grinding on the floor- yes I literally said "I wish I could be that floor." This is true in a lot of ways. Having a bias sometimes does seem better than having a boyfriend. Having a bias as a boyfriend would be AMAZING!! But also I've set my boyfriend bar so high to match my bias, so that's one reason I will never have a relationship. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ! Am I the only one that does this? Ah eye smiles. They hit you right in the feels! The eye smile isn't iconic just because our idols are so adorable when they do it (although it is a big part of it) but it's that they happiness that shows on their face that makes their smiles huge and their eyes sink away to tiny adorable slits. Haha. I think we can all agree eye smiles are dangerous, heart melting things. Who do you think has the best eye smiles in kpop? ^ㅅ^ This couldn't be more true to me. What people who aren't kpop fans don't understand is, we have all joined together and not just became friends and fellow fans, but we have also become a family who support each other and each other's fandoms. Yet another statement that couldn't be more true. Before kpop, I wouldn't have met so many people both here and outside of the Vingle kpop community. Before someone mentions they like kpop i find it hard to take a lot of interest in them but once the word kpop comes up, I break into my kpop loving self. And a lot of the time, we become friends and continue to stretch kpop love across the world. These quotes just make me smile and are over all inspirational to me. I really enjoy how wise and knowledgable our idols are. They are more than people may think. I've heard people say, "yeah they are good at singing and dancing, but that's all they are good for." But we all know that's not true. Our idols rank high in sports, school, languages, performing and so much more, which makes me happy when I read these amazing words they say in their music and in real life. Being a kpop fan takes a special kind of person. We are able to look past the language barriers, the distance, the age differences, the unnecessary and sometimes hurtful remarks from others and still support and love continue to love Kpop and idols with all our hearts. No matter how hard it may be to be a kpop fan, international or not, we still stick it out and support that Hallyu wave all the way!!! As I said before, we have some of the most wise people as idols. This quote from CL makes me incredibly happy and I couldn't have said this better myself. I get bashed all the time by people I don't know, non-kpop friends and even my family always saying there is no point to listening to music that you can't understand, but what they don't understand is music truly IS universal. You don't have to know the words to a song to be able to jam to it. Honestly, since I'm so used to kpop, even though I can't understand what they are saying, it doesn't seem like a foreign language to me. So there is no point to the hating on kpop music and it's fans, because to us, we can enjoy the music just fine without knowing the words. And we are proud of it!! And yes, I have thought about this a lot before. My parents don't really get why I like kpop, but I even said to them, "it could be worse, I could be drinking, doing drugs, partying and hooking up with guys like most kids my age." But I don't really do that. My social life is just a relationship between me and my cell phone. And all of you of course. I really gotta get out more, but I like staying in and doing nothing. Who else has had this problem where your family just really doesn't get that this is a good thing and you could be doing MUCH worse things? This is just a relatable kpop thing that I thought many of you would know about and have also done. There are so so so many pictures of my biases on my phone of the EXACT SAME PICTURE!! I just never know if I had saved it or not. There are times where I'm like "I know for a fact that I have seen this picture," so I screenshot it and when I go through all of my pictures later on, It turns out I have seen it before (a few times apparently) and thought the same thing back then too, so I have multiples of the same pics. These are just things I feel that I want to happen just because I am a fangirl and I do honestly think I can end up with my bias someday. It's true. There have been times where I needed to focus on my studies so I tried to leave the kpop world and I couldn't even do it for a day, let alone forever. Kpop is just to Fantastic to even try to leave. Once we got you, you ain't ever gonna be able to leave. You're in for life. I've done it. I bet some of you have too. Kpop does take over your world, but it's actually a good thing. Since I became a kpop fan, my life has become better and I've met some really good and dependable people who can relate to me as well. Fangirling is my job though, besides my actual job... Yeah, international fans can relate. Being an international fan, you learn to make it work. One of the things we must make work is the distance and knowing we won't be able to see concerts unless we watch the fancams. And even though it's hard sometimes, fancams are fun to watch because there are so many from so many different angles and shows that it makes being an international fan easier. Find your bias idols and groups! Let me know who is your favorite!! The light stick oceans. "Only in kpop can you see the different colors of the ocean" I love kpop oceans; they are a life goal of mine, and I really hope to get to be in one one day. What about you guys? Have you been in a light stick ocean before? Which ones if so, and if not whose would you want to be in most? And lastly, the things that connect us are not only how crazy we are, but that we are all crazy together. Kpop has the ability to bring different people together and give them something in common that most people can never relate to. It makes me really happy when I randomly think about the people I have met from being into kpop and the thing I have learned. Since I started listening to kpop and learning about korea in general I've learned to be more considerate of people and to try and understand people more for what they like and not judge them for it. Kpop has absolutely changed my life for the better and I can't and don't want to imagine what my life would be like without it.
All-Time Best Movie Adaptations Based on Books
We all are big fans of movies and cinema, whether it is Bollywood content or Hollywood. Every year, we get to see some of the best movies ever made which win our hearts. We have higher expectations from movies that are adapted from some world-famous books. This hangs us on a thread as it made us think which one was better – movie adaptation or the original book? Well, it works both ways. People who are dedicated readers and read regularly prefer books over movies, and those who have a hard time reading books, enjoy movies more than anything! In this article, I’ll be listing down all-time best movie adaptations based on books. · The Color Purple (1985) ‘The Color Purple’ is written by a famous American novelist Alice Walker and its stellar adaptation is created by Steven Spielberg. This adaptation has done good justice and is extremely faithful to the original novel in terms of characters as well as the plot. Celie’s inner thoughts and emotions have become lively through the phenomenal performance of the cast, which is a great achievement for Steven Spielberg. Hence, it becomes a must-watch movie. · The Remains of the Day (1993) ‘The Remains of the Day’ is a beautiful novel by Kazuo Ishiguro and its adaptation is created by James Ivory. This story revolves around the character study which is told from an English butler named Stevens’ point of view. All the characters are presented in equal length throughout the film and all of these are rooted in the point of view of the protagonist Stevens. Although the ending of the movie is less hopeful and arguably tragic than the actual novel, it doesn’t feel left out and restrained with the whole story. Hence becoming a must-watch. · Forrest Gump (1994) Well, this one is my favorite from the list. ‘Forrest Gump’ is a novel by Winston Groom and its adaptation is created by Robert Zemeckis. This movie has won six Oscars in all, including the one for the Best Picture. The streamlined character is beautifully portrayed by Tom Hanks. This movie has taken strong source material and the result is in front of our eyes. Every viewer of this movie finds it charming as well as fill with wisdom. This makes this movie a must-watch in all senses. · Harry Potter (2002-2011) ‘Harry Potter’ is a novel series written by J. K. Rowling. It comprises various genres like Magical Realism, Adventure Fiction, Mystery, High Fantasy, Thriller, etc. This 8-films long movie series is directed by 4 directors namely Chris Columbus (Part 1 & 2), Alfonso Cuaron (Part 3), Mike Newell (Part 4), and David Yates (Parts 5 to 8). The movie adaptations have done complete justice to the novels, although the makers of the movie had to narrow down the story quite a bit. But we can surely say that these are the ideal adaptations for the fans who are looking for incredible content. So, it is a must-watch too. If you are looking forward to buying these books you can check out TrueGether, which is the best eBay alternative out there.
BTS Fan Art Friday~
안녕하세요! Hey, Everyone!! It's been a while!! I know I haven't been active here for a long time but I promise you that I have been lurking here every so often. On to the topic of today's card. Today is Fan art Friday in the BTS Community!! This weeks featured member is: Park Jimin~ I originally meant to use these two photos and I have personally drawn for Writer Wednesday but I took too long drawing the both of them. So, I have decided to use them for today since it still fits into today's theme~ I hope you like them~ It was supposed to have text on it saying: BTS Writer Wednesday. But right now there is no point to leave the words on there LOL I rushed drawing the both of these, so it isn't great LOL Can you guess what photos were used as reference?? XDD Until Next Time~ ❤BANGTAN ARMY TEAM❤ @Yugykookie97 @Mochiroon @MelissaGarza ❤ARMY TAGLIST❤ @amandamuska  @blessowmwago @BoyGroupKpop @Bxbybri @CleafeMaeObina @coolwolf13 @dalenalw @echoxsoul  @gabstar143  @Gracebug @HannahC19 @herreraletecia  @HomegirlG  @ifitnessvn @Ilovephases @izzybell1202 @jennyfer1111r1 @JJiBin @jiminiebae @jkenshayla @jungkookieeeee @Just2BLoved @kaylawalker929  @kaylenne956 @krissynormam @kpopfan88 @Kyla05 @MelissaGarza @Mochiroon @Nyxxonn @PANDABTS @QueenPandaBunny @rebeccariley52 @rodrickagardne @Rose2demhaters @samcorsam @simpsonsamantha @Shelbeigh19 @shellyfuentes70 @soobak @Starbell808 @szewwy @Taekookimonster  @Tiffiedannie @wolfyplayzyv @YourHentaiWaifu @yukigintokie     *let me know if you want to be apart of the ARMY taglist*
Watch INFINITE Sing Live Even At A Dry Rehearsal
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTAatAJHRkA#t=234.761 Hello Inspirits! Take a look at this rehearsal from The 2016 Dream Concert back in October. Not only is it day time, cold outside and a rehearsal, but INFINITE is still singing live, not lipsyncing to a backing track. That's pretty incredible and speaks to their dedication and ability to perform with confidence. Just another reason on a long list of reasons I stan INFINITE. *Did anyone else notice Myungsoo's jacket/sandal combo? Are you stolling on the sandy beaches of Jeju or braving the harsh winter of Seoul, Sir? lol I guess he wanted the best of both worlds. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ADDED TO THE INSPIRITS COMMUNITY TAGLIST, PLEASE LET US KNOW ODD SPIRIT MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @Helixx @PolarStarr @awkwardjazzy @InfinitySky @MelissaGarza @stefaniTre BEAST MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @MelissaGarza @AimeeH @StephanieDuong @KenyaMendoza @axosrain @Helixx MELODY MOD SQUAD: @LemonLassie @AimeeH @StephanieDuong @IsoldaPazo @MandyNoona @Bangtanss @MelissaGarza @Helixx BANGTAN'S ARMY MOD SQUAD: @PolarStarr @LemonLassie @IsoldaPazo @Bangtanss @SkyBlast @Helixx @mbg3t VIXXEN MOD SQUAD: @JiyongLeo @resavalencia @AimeeH @turntuptae @JordanShuler @awkwardjazzy @adritae @xoxorittie @InfinitySky @ChaErica @CrookedShadow @Helixx BIGBANG MOD SQUAD: @KwonOfAKind @lovetop @catchyacrayon @BBxGD @Helixx @WendyNegrete @phxcur93 CHOCO CONE CREW: Jiji- @JiyongLeo Helixx- @Helixx Mandy- @MandyNoona Stef- @StefaniTre Stephanie- @StephanieDuong Sol- @IsoldaPazo Lemon- @LemonLassie Vinny- @twistedPuppy Aimee- @AimeeH Stephany- @Stephany123 Michelle- @Bangtanss Emily- @ercurrent SAVAGE THUNDER MAFIA: @ashleyemmert @ElleHolley @NasiaWright @Isolate @EliseB @sarabear1021 @Lexxcisco @JessWang90 @Nadinerrz @jaiipanda @DianaBell @twistedPuppy @ScarletMermaid @narutobandgeek @KaiLuhan4ever @Helixx @Isabellaelliott @KhrystinaLee @ChubbyDumpling INSPIRITS: @StefaniTre @Sailynn @PrincessUnicorn @Bangtanss @XxGummybear92xX @mitchix5 @EliStacy87 @CrookedShadow @kpopandkimchi @Lexxcisco @luna1171 @VeronicaArtino @YessicaCardenas @KarenGuerra93 @callmejessixa @Starbell808 @karinamiranda81 @MaggieHolm @jexicaInfiniteL @AliceTetsuya @Baekyeol27 @Keldra @ibMIMI 인피니트우린해피엔딩이아닌네버엔딩 "INFINITE It's not a HAPPY ending it's NEVER ending!"
Reply 2015: Why Junhee was Gay
*BIG SPOILERS if you haven't seen Reply 1997 or Reply 1994!* ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two high school boys are sitting near a basketball court on a summer night somewhere in Busan, South Korea, in 1997. “There’s someone else I like,” confesses Kang Junhee, turning to the boy next to him. “It’s you.” By this point, anyone watching Reply 1997 has fallen for Junhee’s charms, and is also aware that Junhee is not like the rest of the boys. He is not going to betray his friendship by falling in love with his best friend’s crush Shi Won. On the contrary, he’s going to fall in love with his best friend. Kang Junhee’s character is one of the most important characters of modern Korean dramas. In the midst of a changing cultural attitude towards homosexuality, his role shines an entirely new light on the image of gay men in Korea. I. Infinite Influence Hoya, of the idol group Infinite was a perfect choice for Kang Junhee. Hoya’s casting as Junhee was not only brilliant because of his surprisingly good acting skills (pardon my little faith in idols-turned-actors) but because of everything he brings with him to the role. To be honest, he was the reason I payed attention to this drama in the first place. Hoya has a strong fanbase and his group Infinite has endorsed everything from ice cream to chicken to school uniforms. With relatively few “cute” concepts, Infinite is one of the manlier boy bands in Korea, with Hoya fitting right in with his masculine image. Hoya has no damaging scandals tied to his name, and has risked everything for the life as an artist that he now lives. He followed his dreams of performing and has risen to a level of stardom that makes his parents proud. He is one of K-pop’s golden boys. Almost all of this fanbase will support his character without question, regardless of sexual orientation or personality. He has the incredible power of influence. If Hoya says something is acceptable, there is a large group of people that will undoubtably agree. This is the most important quality he brought with him to Reply 1997. II. The Perfection of Kang Junhee Hoya’s masculinity carries over to Junhee, an all around athlete who also happens to be fashionable, a great cook, and an even better dancer. The writers of this drama make him out to be the ideal man. Gay stereotypes in Korea are similar to the basic Western take on stereotypes. Gay men are portrayed as feminine and weak, often with higher pitched voices and limp wrists. How could Junhee, with all of his manly talents, possibly be a gay man? Junhee contains every character trait that an ideal Korean boy should have. He is intelligent and goes on to become a successful doctor. He is polite and charming to his elders. He is loyal, honest, and insightful, making him the best friend to have in tough situations. He is a good listener, puts others before himself, and gives fantastic advice. There is not a malicious bone in this boy’s body. His perfection seems too good to be true, and it is. He has one fatal flaw according to the Confucian society around him. He likes boys. While Junhee does seem more comfortable being in the kitchen and bonding with Shi Won’s mother over skin care advice, he is never made out to be an overly feminine or 'wussy' character. He is more mature than the other boys at school and seems to contain a wisdom far beyond his years. He is shown as the loyal and clear thinking friend. His sexuality isn’t the most important thing about him, it is overshadowed by his other fantastic characteristics. The script writers of Reply 1997 avoid falling into another stereotype for gay characters, which is over-sexualization. Junhee never tries to embrace Yunjae; he actually seems to avoid any physical contact. Their relationship is purely that of friends, although Yunjae hangs onto Junhee as if he is his personal plaything. Eventually, Junhee moves on, separating himself from his one-sided love. Junhee’s innocence makes him even more endearing to the audience. The only trait that someone could criticize Junhee for would be that he is far too nice, because we all know that the nice guy never wins in a Korean drama. Simply stated, Junhee does not have the qualities of a stereotypical gay man. This is why Bingrae, or Kim Dongjun, of Reply 1994 is so important. III. Bingrae: The Letdown? In Reply 1994, Baro plays the role of Kim Dongjun, who is known as Bingrae for most of the drama. Bingrae is a young boy from a farming family who has come to the big city to pursue a career as a doctor. He is enrolled in one of the best medical schools in the country, and has an instant group of friends in his boarding house. Even with all of these good things going for him, Bingrae stays in his room quietly reading anime or listening to cassettes. He doesn’t have a strong relationship with any of the people he lives with, and only seems comfortable around his cousin or food. He is nowhere near being an ideal man like Kang Junhee. Bingrae eventually drops out of school without telling anyone, and picks up part time jobs all over the city. This is where his storyline takes a turn, and throws him into the love octagon that is found in most Korean dramas. Sseuregi, or “Trash,” is the eldest boy in the boarding house. Although his personal hygiene is questionable at best, he is the perfect role model for Bingrae. Trash is on route to become a successful doctor and is completely comfortable with who he is. Bingrae, who already is uncomfortable and jumpy with others, can’t bring himself to treat Trash as a friend. He calls him sunbaenim, which is even more honorific than hyung. During these four years at the boarding house, Bingrae struggles to understand his feelings for the older boy. Trash decides to make Bingrae his dongsaeng, confiding in Bingrae that he has always wanted a little brother. Drinking games lead to a kiss between Trash and Bingrae, and Trash is constantly giving him special attention. Trash picks him up from work, buys him food, and pets him like a dog, even going so far as to call him Puppy throughout the drama. This unlikely couple had lots of fans, and many viewers were rooting for their success. With Bingrae’s uncertainty and shyness and Trash’s girlfriends, however, this pairing seemed doomed. Although they both struggled with understanding their love life, this mysterious and oftentimes withdrawn character is nothing like the confident Junhee of Reply 1997. IV. Why Bingrae Couldn’t Be Gay I have heard many fans of this drama complain about how Bingrae’s storyline ended in Reply 1994. An anonymous fan on Tumblr called it a great let down, and confessed that they never finished the drama because they were so upset. The reality is, if the writers had made Bingrae gay for the sake of having a gay character, they would have destroyed everything they had built with Junhee in Reply 1997. Bingrae is confused and unsure about every aspect of his life. He is unsure of what he wants to do in the future, of who his friends are, and especially of his own sexuality. He drops out of school, lies to his parents, and has no outstanding talents. Junhee is confident and comfortable with who he is. He has to hide his feelings from his friends and family, but he never questions them. He is hardworking, naturally talented, and undeniably charming. The ending that upset many fans of the Bingrae and Trash couple was very well thought out. In the episode that finally reveals Bingrae’s sexuality, the audience gets a sense of déjà vu. Bingrae steps out from the reunion party to meet a mysterious someone. As he waits at the curb for a car to pull up, the audience remembers the final episode of Reply 1997. After the reunion party as Junhee and the original gang of characters start to head home, Yunjae’s wife and Junhee’s childhood friend Shi Won offers him a ride home. Junhee smiles and declines, explaining that someone is coming for him. Junhee waits at the curb and gets into the flashy red sports car that comes to pick him up. The script writers kept the identity, and gender, of the driver completely ambiguous. There was never any confirmation of whether Junhee ends up with a man or woman. The audience finds itself blinded by headlights again in Reply 1994 as Bingrae stares down the street waiting for his special someone. Suddenly, the red sports car appears. The audience remembers where they have seen this scene before. As the sports car zooms past him, we are given an explanation of not only his sexuality, but of Junhee’s as well. V. The Key is in the Car Although Reply 1997 fans had to wait until the end of Reply 1994 for an answer, I loved the way the writers subtly tell the audience that Junhee was in fact, gay. The car that Junhee hops in at the end of Reply 1997 signifies his homosexuality, and it speeds by Bingrae as his wife pulls up in another car. The writers never had to say anything about Junhee’s relationships and that is what makes it so important. If Bingrae did not end up in a heterosexual relationship at the end of Reply 1994, the writers would not have been able to give this insight into Junhee’s life. With the sports car as a metaphor for homosexuality, the writers make being gay a completely normal way of life. The car passes Bingrae without causing a fuss and there is no dramatic music or lighting as Junhee gets in his sports car. Being gay is as natural as the cars passing you on the street and is not something that needs to be made into a big deal. That car, or that sexual orientation, simply was not for Bingrae, and saying this in such a natural, subtle way is incredibly important for the gay community. VI. Korean Attitude The gay community is still very much underground in Korea. In an Ipsos poll, 79% of South Korean participants said that they do not have a family member, friend, or coworker that is gay, bisexual, or transgender. Reply 1997 had an incredible following, with its last episode having the highest viewer rating ever for a drama produced by a cable network. The audience was mostly made up of men and women from their teens to their 40s, showing that the show had a wide range of viewers. The timing of these dramas was absolutely crucial. Just before the airing of Reply 1994, Korea experienced its first same-sex marriage. Legally, South Korea does not recognize marriage between same-sex couples, but that did not stop Kim Jo Gwang Su from marrying his long time partner Kim Seunghwan on May 15, 2013. The wedding was purely ceremonial, and their request to register for marriage was denied. The marriage opened up country-wide discussions about gay rights in Korea, and new legislation is being proposed by facets of the Korean government. The good news is, from 2007 to 2013, South Korea is the nation with the most significant change in opinion on the matter of gay rights. According to a poll through Pew Research, the belief that homosexuality should be accepted jumped 21% in six years. The same poll reports that 71% of South Koreans from 18 to 29 years of age support gay rights, showing a positive shift in society. With the open discussions and diverse viewership of dramas such as Reply 1997 and Reply 1994, I have faith that South Korea will continue in a positive direction towards equality for all sexual orientations. The work of the scriptwriters for these two dramas made their characters real, relatable, and relevant. It may be completely unconscious, but the Korean audience is being exposed to gay men not as forbidden lovers, but as friends, sons, and students. They are portrayed as human beings. Kang Junhee and Kim Bingrae are indispensable to Korea’s fight for gay rights.
Awake - Chapter 1
"Y/N, wake up", mother said as she vigorously shook me out of my deep sleep. "Let's get going Y/N this is the last chance you'll get to make any last minute revisions for your dress." Overjoyed for her daughter's wedding, like any mother would be. "I'll be down in a minute, mom" tired from the sleepless nights I've been having these past few weeks. "It-It's near" I though  to myself, butterflies forming in my stomach for the billionth time. "Shake off the doubts Y/N" repeating it in a whisper hoping no one would hear me. Mother's head turning in a matter or seconds. "Did you say something?". "Ahh....nothing, a shower I-I need to take a quick shower" you managed to say with half a forced smile. Hoping she would buy what you were saying. "Okay well, your father and I will be waiting downstairs to eat breakfast. Don't take long" with the sweetest smile plastered​ on her face. She walked out from your room, you sat at the edge of your messy bed. Dropping your body feet dangling on the edge of the bed, facing the ceiling decorated with a clear glass chandelier. Surrounded by expensive clothes scattered around the floor. "Nothing but the best for my little Y/N" is what your father always said every single time you would ask for anything. You laid there contemplating the chandelier like it had the answers to all your problems. Suddenly a vibration coming from your nightstand brought you back to reality. Lazily dragging yourself to pick up the phone to see 10 missed calls 5 new messages. Emediately opening one in particular. Yoongi Is the future Mrs. Min up yet?? Yoongi Don't forget our date today, I've been looking forwards to it for days Yoongi Since you know I barely get to see you due to work. Y/N Ash...I wish we had more time like we use to ^_^ Yoongi Soon you'll have me all to yourself, who knows you might even grow tired of me... Y/N Pabo that would never happen...ever :3 Yoongi Okay okay joking I was only joking, well I have to get back to work Yoongi Can't afford to get fired if I want to keep daddy's little girl happy, right? Slightly laughing at what you just read. Y/N I'm not like that -_- ... you know that lol. See you later alright <3 Yoongi Yea sure lol You nodded in disapproval of his reply. Yoongi Bye. Yoongi Princess <3 "Hmm..strange" raising a suspicious look towards your phone, yoongi usually calls. "I guess he's  just been to busy to call" you brushed it off and rushed for a quick shower.