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Hoya - The Greatest Distance

You and Hoya, Hoya and you; being inseparable was an understatement; you completed each other, you went everywhere together. There was not one day that had gone by that you weren’t with him or thinking about him. He always showed you off in public and with the fans. He wasn’t afraid of what the media said about you two, he was fearless.

You were looking through pictures on the computer about you and Hoya. It had been six years since the media had found Hoya and you, both singing and acting in a drama together, since then everything fell into place; you have been married to Hoya for four years and had a son together, who was two, Teo. Filing through the pictures of you and Hoya in the hospital with Teo brought tears to your eyes as you watched the years fly by with all of the beautiful memories that you have made together over the years. Hoya entered the room and saw you staring at the computer with tears in your eyes, he came over and wrapped his arms around your neck and raised your hands and rested them on his. He kissed your head as a tear rolled down your cheek. Wiping the tear away he brushed your hair away and pulled up a picture on the computer of your wedding day.

“I am so glad that I got the chance to marry you.” He whispered in your ear causing another tear to fall

“I am too.” You stared at his almond brown eyes.

You both leaned in for the kiss as Teo came into the room and pushed Hoya over to the floor. Hoya naturally played along and fell onto the ground like he was hurt. Then Teo became increasingly worried and ran over to you looked at you and then back at Hoya.

“Mommy, Daddy is hurt can you help him?” Your child looked up at you as Hoya did and your heart melted as you moved off of the chair and onto your knees.

“I think I can, but you need to help me OK? It will only work if we do it together.” You stared into Teo’s eyes as little tears began to form.

“Ok” Teo squeaked out. You motioned for Teo and you to kiss Hoya on either cheek of his face then to give him a big hug. “DADDY, WAKE UP!!!” yelling at his dad to wake up.

You both did the spell that would bring him back. You leaned in and kissed his soft, pink cheek then tucked your head into the notch of his neck and your son followed you. You felt a hand gently rubbing your head and you kissed his neck. You looked up and placed your head on Hoya’s chest as you felt him breathing and his heartbeat was soothing to you as well. You watched as Hoya put his hand on Teo’s back, Teo’s head rose from the shoulder of Hoya.

“Daddy, you came back.” Teo whispered loudly into Hoya’s ear, so you could hear it as well

“I couldn’t leave you alone with Mommy.” Hoya explained as you closed your eyes and let his hand slide down to your waist.

The computer made a noise, for an incoming message. You got to your feet to see what it was; Hoya put Teo into both of his secure hands and started tossing Teo into the air and catching him. Teo was obviously enjoying himself as you looked at Hoya. You caught Hoya’s eye and he set Teo down and told him to go play in the other room. Teo ran through the door laughing, with a big smile, his little legs pounding against the wood floor. Hoya came over and wrapped his hands around your waist as you opened up the email called Music Announcement it was from Woollim Entertainment. The email read:

Infinite Members,
Sorry for the late notice but we need you to go on a special assignment for us. You will be going to Europe for the NEW YEAR’S KPOP BASH. We need you all to attend and to be present. You will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM. Please be ready to go to the airport. See you tomorrow.
P.S. – Hoya you cannot bring your wife or kid this trip (it isn’t in the budget for them, and you cannot personally pay for them either, like you did last time. They will have to stay at home).

You reached the bottom of the email and tears began to swell in your eyes again. Hoya squeezed you tighter and buried his face in your hair. You turned around and engulfed him into a big hug. Tears were streaming down his face as you began to shush him and try to calm him down. Teo stood at the doorway and looked at you to and knocked on the door frame. Your head turned and acknowledged him to come in, Teo came in and placed his tiny arms around his father’s waist as he was doing to you and held tight. Hoya sat up from the comfort of your shoulder and looked at Teo hugging his dad around his waist. Hoya picked Teo up and placed him on his lap on the bed; you walked over and sat next to Hoya, hugging his arm.

“Daddy, don’t cry. Everything ok, you see… Smile, please.” Teo gave a smile with the few teeth that he had showing.

Hoya pulled all the happiness within him to force a smile, pulled him into a tight hug, then Teo ran off into another room. Your hand intertwined with his and your head leaned against his shoulder as you sat there thinking what you could do in this situation.

“I guess you will have to pack.” You started staring ominously at the wall

“Can you two fit in the suitcase?” Hoya looked down at you seriously

“I think we could but we would pass the weight limit.” You chuckled under your breath.

You both sat there for a while thinking and becoming increasingly scared with every passing minute. Teo came into your room once again.

“I better get dinner, Hoya. I will be back.” He released your hand and fell to his back on the bed.
You picked up Teo and headed for the kitchen. You fixed a small dinner for Teo and you.

“Mommy, why is Daddy so sad?” Teo looked at you while he ate another bite of his sandwich.

“He is sad because he is leaving on a singing trip.” You explained

“Isn’t he coming back?”

“Yes, in a while.” You started to get quite again as Teo began asking more questions.

“How long is a while?”

“Now, it is a month.”

“How long is a month?” Teo was now getting more curious and you were getting more agitated

“Four weeks. Please just eat your food, Teo. No more questions.”

As you got Teo ready for bed Hoya made an appearance in Teo’s bedroom, Hoya grabbed a book and sat in the rocking chair as Teo walked over to Hoya and jumped on Hoya’s lap. You left the room and worked with the dishes in the kitchen.

“Goodnight, Daddy. Have fun singing.” Teo said in such an understanding voice

“Goodnight, my biggest fan. I will be thinking of you and mom the whole time.” Hoya whispered as he closed the door and joined you in the kitchen.

Hoya just stood there in silence as you two did the dishes together and cleaned the house as best as you could. You were becoming very tired then Hoya turned on the soft music.

“Can I have this last dance?” Whispering to make sure he didn’t wake up Teo

Hoya held out his hand as you placed your hand in his a calmness swept over you. He wrapped his hands around your waist and you swayed across your living room for hours. He led you to bed, you both were tired enough to go to bed but you couldn’t fall asleep, you lay in bed, and he intertwined his fingers in your hair, then to your hand. You lay on his chest embracing every heart beat and every breath that he took; time seemed to slip through your fingers.

The dark clouds hid the sun from shining through your window, raindrops started to fall lightly to the window, rolling down the window with every second. His phone buzzed, he reached and grabbed it off of the stand next to the bed.

“What does it say, Hoya?”

“They are going to pick me up here, since it is on the way to the airport and you need the car.” A
tear rolled down his face again.

“Hoya? Why is this so hard for you? I will be here with Teo when you come back. I will always be yours no matter what.”

“We have never been that far apart before for this long too. I am scared that when I come back
Teo will be all grown up and I will not be able to see that month of his life ever again. I just don’t want to miss more of his life and yours and ours as a family. For a month I will not be around to play with you two, to dance with you two, to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with you two. It scares me.” Hoya started to embrace you then he looked at the time.

He gently pushed you off of his chest and onto the pillow beside you. You watched him as he got up and walked to the closet. Pulled out a suitcase and put in some clothes. You climbed out of bed and started folding his clothes that were in the suitcase. He took off his shirt and you stared at the beautiful body that was before you. You stood up and hugged him; he clung to you as he embraced you, rubbing your hands up and down his soft muscular back reminded you of the first time you met on the drama. Flashes of your life together went through your mind.

An hour later, you finished packing his clothes and he was all ready to go. Someone knocked on the door and Hoya slowly walked to the door as you grabbed his suitcase. You opened the door and the manager was standing there.

“Time to go, Lee Ho-won” The manager said with a harsh voice, “I will be at the end of the hall when you two are done.” He grabbed the suitcase and walked down the hall.

Hoya looked at you and simultaneously flung each other into each other’s arms. You kissed him on the lips as you two finished embracing.

“You can always call me and Teo.” You reassured him. Hoya nodded his head as he held back the tears.

You watched him as his left your apartment, his hair flowed as he walked and his muscles tense as he stopped at the door frame. You ran up to him and hugged and kissed him for the last time. Watching him walk away with his head down, he looked back at you when he walked to the manager that look was like watching you die. It was devastating. When he left the apartment you leaned against the front door and cried. You couldn’t stop until Teo woke up. Teo came up to you with his train pajamas; his messed up hair and climbed into your lap.

“Mommy? Why are you crying like Daddy?”

“Well, Daddy left this morning. Mommy is sad because we have never been apart for this long before.” A tear fell from your face. Teo wiped it from your face. “Why did you do that Teo?”

“Daddy told me look after you like he does.” You embraced Teo in a hug. “Daddy, come back, don’t worry. Smile Mommy.” Teo looked at you with the cutest smile ever and you smiled back.
Teo hoped off of your lap. “Now, what breakfast” he patted his stomach as he walked away, just like Hoya you thought to yourself.

The computer made a noise for a video chat conversation. You acknowledged the request and Hoya appeared in the hotel that he was supposed to stay at. He was sweating and he looked at you with the eyes of his and you started crying. Teo came and talked with Hoya until you had to put him to bed. You placed the laptop on your bed and lay next to the computer all night long. You just talked with Hoya and enjoyed having him around, even if he wasn’t right next to you. It was early in the morning and the sun was coming up

“I forgot to tell you something.” Hoya confessed. “When I am without you I cannot think of anything but you and Teo. So I wrote a song for both of you it goes like this.” Hoya started singing

You’ll never know what you’ve done for me, what your faith in me has done for my soul…You’ll never know the gift you’ve given me.. I’ll carry it with me (yeah…yeah…) Through the days ahead I think of days before you made me hope for something better (yes you did) And made me reach for something more

You taught me to run, you taught me to fly, helped me to free the me inside Help me hear the music of my heart help me hear the music of my heart, you’ve opened my eyes, you’ve opened the door to something I’ve never known before,and your love…(love) Is the music of my heart.. (music of my heart) You were the only one always on my side (always on my side) Seeing me through

You were the song that always made me sing I’m singing this for you (singing this for you baby) Everywhere I go, I think of where I’ve been (think of where I’ve been), And of the one who knew me better, than anyone ever will again

What you taught me, only your love could ever teach me, you got through when no one could reach me Ohh…ohh…ohh, cause you always saw in me, all the best that I could be it was you who set me free…

You’ve opened the door (opened the door), to something I’ve never known before (never, never, felt before)

And your love…Is the music of my heart.. Music of my heart, Music of my heart, is the music of my heart…

You fell asleep while his song kept playing. He stayed on chat watching you for the rest of the morning.

I will always be with you, no matter how far apart we are ~ Unknown
just what i needed! Awe Hoya!
awww I'm so glad you enjoyed them!!!
and shes back with more!!!!!!!! Im going to charge my phone then go read all of these!
yes!!! I have them already written I just need to upload them haha and with final exams and such it takes me a moment to find time :) happy reading!
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TỬ VI Tháng 4/2020 Âm Lịch - tháng Tân Tỵ, năm Canh Tý.
TỬ VI THÁNG TÂN TỴ NĂM 2020 CỦA 12 CON GIÁP- TUỔI DẦN Tháng này thế nào? Các bạn cùng xem nhé! Tháng 4/2020 Âm Lịch - tháng Tân Tỵ, năm Canh Tý. Địa Chi: Dần. Ngũ Hành: Mộc. Thiên Can tháng thuộc Kim. Địa Chi tháng thuộc Hỏa Thiên Can tuổi khắc Thiên Can tháng, Địa Chi tuổi sinh Địa Chi tháng. Tuổi Dần tháng này gặp nhiều khó khăn, rất đen đủi Công việc: Bạn đang gặp bế tắc, có nhiều cản trở trong công việc. Mặc dù vậy, bạn vẫn giữ được bình tĩnh và sự tỉnh táo trước những thử thách đó. Sự nghiệp: Sóng gió ập đến, nhiều sự việc như lớp lang chồng đống kéo đến. Mọi việc vẫn còn nhiều bất ổn nhưng bạn đã giữ vững được tâm lý của mình. Hành động không nề hà khó khăn. Tình cảm: Cẩn thận nếu không muốn tự mình làm tổn thương mình. Cho đi không đồng nhất với việc nhận lại. . Tiền bạc: giúp tha nhân là giúp chính mình, của tích lũy tháng này không có là bao. Những mối quan hệ khác: Thường thường bậc trung, nhưng quý nhân vẫn chưa xuất hiện, hãy tự tin vào năng lực và trực giác của chính mình. Với ba tuổi: Mậu Dần, Canh Dần và Bính Dần Xem thêm: Tử Vi tuổi Ngọ năm 2021 Tử Vi tháng Tân Tỵ tuổi Mậu Dần 1998 Tuổi Mậu Dần, nạp âm Thành Đầu Thổ. Tháng Tân Tỵ nạp âm Bạch lạp Kim Mậu Dần cho đi là nhiều, tạo và làm việc thiện nhiều hơn Thiên Can tuổi sinh Thiên Can tháng, Địa Chi tuổi sinh Địa Chi tháng, mệnh tuổi sinh mệnh tháng. Mậu Dần tháng ngày, tình cảm nhiều xao xuyến, nhiều rung động mới trong tâm tư tình cảm. Chuyện tiền bạc đang diễn ra không như mong muốn. Cẩn trọng dễ mất tiền oan. Tuy tâm trạng lạc quan nhưng lại gặp phải rất nhiều thử thách. Mệnh tuổi Thành Đầu Thổ như thế che chắn cho Bạch Lạp Kim, điều thiện bạn làm người khác sẽ hàm ơn sâu đậm. Tử vi tháng Tân Tỵ tuổi Bính Dần - 1986 Tuổi Bính Dần, nạp âm Lư Trung Hỏa Tháng Tân Tỵ hoa giáp Bạch lạp Kim Bính Dần giữ mình chờ thời Thiên Can tuổi khắc Thiên Can tháng, Địa Chi tuổi sinh Địa Chi tháng, mệnh tuổi khắc mệnh tháng Bạn đang dành thời gian lo nghĩ những chuyện không đâu vào đâu, có chuyện tầm phào nhưng trong lòng cảm thấy bất an. Như có tật giật mình. Bạn dẽ gặp phải chuyện thị phi, gặp khủng hoảng tài chính và rơi vào bế tắc. Đây không phải là tháng làm ăn lớn, ẩn long giữ mình là tốt nhất. Bạn càng lo nghĩ mọi việc càng rối như vò tơ. Bạn không tìm được lối thoát cho bản thân và rơi vào tuyệt vọng. Xem thêm: Xem Tử Vi Tử vi tháng Tân Tỵ tuổi Giáp Dần - 1974 Tuổi Giáp Dần, nạp âm Đại Khê Thủy Tháng Tân Tỵ nạp âm Bạch lạp Kim Giáp Dần xui xẻo ập đến Thiên Can tuổi khắc Thiên Can tháng, Địa Chi tuổi sinh Địa Chi tháng, mệnh tháng sinh mệnh tuổi. Bạn đang có cơ hội thuận lợi để trở mình bước ra khỏi mớ bòng bong. Tuy nhiên, hành động có phần dè chừng, đâu đó còn là cảm giác thiếu tự tin. Tin người khác chứ không tin vào mình. Mặc dù mệnh Tháng sinh mệnh tuổi, tuy nhiên, Bạch Lạp Kim sinh xuất cho dòng Đại khê Thủy không được bao nhiêu. Tương quan Kim – Thủy ở đây tỷ lệ như bỏ muối vào biển. Do đó, dù được tháng tương sinh nhưng thành tựu có được thuận lợi cũng chẳng thấm vào đâu. Kết: Tuổi Dần tháng này không nên mưu sự lớn, cuộc sống thường ngày cũng đang có những xáo trộn, nên sống chậm.
Ways of effective public speaking
Giving a talk or a conversation before a live group is known as open talking. This is interesting comparable to those recorded accounts or online presentations. Public talking is an extraordinary aptitude for anyone to have in their reserve. It is a huge skill that can be used whenever required. It doesn't have fixed measures concerning where it will in general be used. Its need is enormously unique. Public talking moreover helps with boosting assurance levels and besides choosing an explanation that requires thought or care. There are similarly a couple of work environments in the positions division that require fruitful public talking capacities. Thusly, it is an astonishing capacity that anyone can have. Language Classes in Pune. Here are a couple of methods to transform into an amazing open speaker: • Appropriate Planning: A restricted amount of arrangement is central for any open speaker to pass on their message feasibly. Using specific instruments like the 7Cs, informative triangle, animated progression, etc, can help pass on the message even more enough by making a suffering impact on its group. Orchestrating engages the clergyman to keep the group enchanted from the beginning quite far. Planning also helps in reasoning and responding rapidly. • Practice: A specific speaker emerges just with preparing. Searching for opportunities to talk before people is a remarkable technique for practicing. Promptly setting yourself in spots of talking as a gathering also helps the speaker practice and meanwhile helps the speaker build conviction. Practicing before a fake group in like manner helps in building these capacities. • Engaging with the group: Engaging with the group is a huge piece of public talking. It is a key figure that helps keeping the group enthralled all through the conversation. By attracting with the group, the speaker in like manner doesn't feel isolated. The responsibility factor furthermore depicts the impact that the talk has had on the group. Presenting requests and keeping it natural furthermore is a way to deal with attract with the group. Keeping the talk typical associates in making it genuinely dazzling. Make an effort not to examine reliably for the included conversations. • Being vivacious about the subject: A public speaker ought to be an energetic speaker. The specialty of confiding in what oneself is saying structures the base of a lively story. Nonattendance of trust in the speaker's technique for passing on the message may impede the responsibility with the group and may not make a suffering impact on the group. The energy of the speaker is what gets the interest of the gathering. • Body language: The non-verbal correspondence of the speaker tells the horde of the speaker's inward personality. The way where the group coordinates their body offers simple hints about the inner state of the speaker. Misgiving or nonattendance of assurance can without a very remarkable stretch be depicted through the non-verbal correspondence of the speaker. Signals and free advancements help in making the speaker look more certain and customary. The free sort of the speaker also engages the gathering to attract with the talk with no issue. • Positive Thinking: Thinking decidedly can help the conviction of the speaker in a general sense. Fear makes it unimaginably easy to make the speaker slip into a shut example of negative self-talk. This is generally called self-assaulting. This diminishes the speaker's sureness and diminishes the suitability of the whole talk. It can moreover achieve fear, apprehension, and tension before huge crowds. Portrayals and declarations can help in raising the conviction of the speaker. This accepts a fundamental part not long before the speaker's talk. • Coping with nerves: The fear of dissatisfaction is perhaps the most terrible thoughts that any speaker runs over. The trepidation can even reason the speaker to neglect to recollect the message they need to pass on. The speaker should calm down with full breaths and adjust to the nervousness. Positive thinking helpers change this standpoint and can cause the speaker to use this restless energy for their possible advantage. • Avoid deviation from the message: A fiery speaker often veers off from the message to be passed on. Assurance that you stick to the subject and models used don't impact you away from the message you need to pass on. Deviation from the topic oftentimes achieves conflicts when the gathering is associating with and can ultimately achieve a shortfall of interest by the group. Language Classes in Pune. Convincing correspondence can be the differentiation among progress and dissatisfaction. Public talking has accepted a huge part in guidance, government, business, research, etc Words have a technique for persuading, instructing, and connecting such a people. Words that are verbally communicated can be impressively more wonderful than the made word. Overcoming fear and enunciated correspondence are the key things that any speaker requires. An incredible word can verifiably change the course of the whole world. Public talking moreover engages the advancement of new affiliations and helps in influencing people and their decisions. Public talking is a fruitful displaying gadget that is basic to have nowadays. Progressing without a fruitful correspondence aptitude is practically incomprehensible. Language classes, English speaking classes, or even English talking courses can help make knowledge of the language, which is the underlying stage in transforming into an incredible open speaker.
Who is Your Date!!!
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Top 6 Summer Must-Haves for Every Sweaty Girl
Well, summer is not my favorite season. There are certain skin infections that usually happen if you don’t take care of your skin properly if you are a sweaty girl. Hence, these products become a necessity to have in your daily routine to stay fresh and safe. 1. Sunscreens This is a very important and basic must-have for summer for every girl, no matter what skin type or tone you have. Sunscreens protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Not only that, the major benefit that you’re going to get from sunscreen is that your skin will be protected from Skin cancer. Even if you are staying home these days, don’t miss out on applying sunscreen as it protects our skin from the blue rays radiated through our mobile phones, laptops, and TV screens. Otherwise, they can cause major damage to our skin. 2. Rosewater Spray Our skin feels tired and fatigued really soon in summers. And it is really annoying and irritating to wash our face, again and again, to feel refreshed. Instead, you can keep rosewater spray with you all the time to refresh your skin instantly. It makes your skin feel relaxed and calm and really cools down the internal heat. 3. Antiperspirants During summers, we tend to sweat a lot. To control your sweat, you can use antiperspirant in your armpits. They prevent sweating. Antiperspirants are very different from deodorants. Deodorants make you get rid of the odor while antiperspirants control your sweating. You can buy amazing quality antiperspirants, which are clinically protected from sites like eBay. 4. Aloe Vera Gel You can use aloe vera gel as a lubricant all over your face whenever you shave your face. It acts great as a lubricant. Also, it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This soothes and calms your skin to a great extent. Aloe vera gel can also be used as a part of post skincare regime. It can be applied post-shaving your hands and legs and it will make sure that your cuts won’t turn into an infection if any. 5. Anti-Fungal Powder You can use this whenever your skin has any sort of itching, skin irritation, redness, fungal infection, or any pricky heat issue. You can use this under your arms, on your back, on your neck, between your thighs, on your elbows, knees, and all the areas where you feel excessive sweat. I would suggest you apply this powder between your thighs before the workout to prevent itching, redness, and irritation. 6. Setting Spray Whenever you apply make-up in summer, do not forget to apply the setting spray. It makes the make-up last longer on your face and makes it settle properly. You can even dance at weddings in summer and don’t lose your make-up at all if you have applied the setting spray. Make sure you invest in a good quality setting spray. So, these are some must-have recommended products for all the sweaty girls out there. I’m sure that these products will make your life much easier. So, get them for yourselves!