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The smell of puppies and kitties spread throughout the air as you opened the doors to the Forever Happy Pet Shop. You had been working there for a couple months now, right after graduation you landed the job and you loved everything about the job except the cleaning part but as soon as you had some music playing you always managed to make it through. You were usually the only one working there. It was a small pet shop on the edge of the city, so they didn’t need very many employees. You had about thirty or forty pets that were either abused or puppies that ‘weren’t good enough’ for the larger pet shops in the city. You were leaning against the counter engaged in your story that you were writing on the front desk. A bunch of cameras, microphones and people were filing into your store. You picked out one of the faces in the crowd, you went up to your boss and asked what was going on.

“Well, these celebrities needed a pet shop with underprivileged pets and so they found ours, contacted me and next thing I know they want to shoot a couple episodes here for their new series. I thought that it would be good publicity so I agree and here they are.” Your boss got excited with every passing moment. You went back over to the front desk and watched everybody as they crowded around the pets with their large equipment. You watched the pets’ reactions to these men but then flashes of light outside of the shop caught your eye and turned your attention to the screaming girls and the flashing cameras that was following around this group of guys. They looked a little older than you but not by much. You watched them as they passed by the front desk. Your manager grabbed your arm and started dragging you into the crowd of people with all of the cameras.

“Will she do?” your manager asked this short man with a fedora on

“She is perfect. Where did you find a beauty like her?”

“She is my best employee and she has pet experience as well.”

“She sounds very qualified. Perfect now we just need to get her into the look we want. Take her to hair and makeup. Right over there, Sir.” the director pointed into the group of boys.

You manager guided you to the group and found a open makeup lady and they started on your hair and makeup. You sat on a stool as she brushed your hair, braided a part and put the rest up into a bun. Next was the makeup. You have really never worn makeup and so you were very nervous about having make up on. She put on mascara, eye liner, and a little blush on your cheeks. When you were finished they sent you over to costumes where they placed you into a knee length navy blue dress with a sweetheart neckline. You looked like a nurse but in navy blue, you weren’t very fond of this idea but you went with it anyways.

You were placed with instructions to get certain animals and so you rehearsed getting the animals out and what little lines you had to say. When you started filming they just filmed the boys going up to the glass cages and playing with the animals from behind the glass. Then you were cued to go up to the group of boys and say your lines.

“Hello. Can I help you this morning.” You said with the typical happy-to-help servant voice.

“Yes. Could you get out this one?” One of the members said

“The yellow Labrador puppy.” You confirmed, they nodded in unison. You went to go get the puppy. When you came back out with the puppy they were on a scene cut. You walked over to your manager and asked what was going on

“Well one of the boys messed up and so they want to start where you are bringing out the puppy but first they also need to clean him up a little bit, so take him over to the makeup ladies.” The manager pointed you into that direction and you walked over with the puppy in your arms to the ladies.

“You? Puppy? Both?” the lady questioned

“Puppy” she grabbed the puppy and the puppy started to whine and to bark. All of the boy members looked over at you and the puppy.

“You better hold him.” the lady gestured for you to pick him back up. When you picked him back into your arms the puppy rested in your arms and calmed down immediately. She brushed his hair and made the puppy look presentable.

When they were finished you were pushed into the back of the shop into the retrieving room and they cued you to come out with the puppy. All of the boys were awing when you came out with the puppy. You handed the puppy to the one guy that asked to see him. All of the guys huddled around the puppy and the puppy began to get nervous and began to yelp.

“Give it back! Give it back it doesn’t like me!” L yelled. L handed the puppy to Hoya which handed the puppy back to you. Once again the puppy was calm and shy as usual in your arms and the boys circled around you and the puppy just petting it and having a good time. They called cut and all of the boys dispersed besides Hoya. He just stood there petting the puppy with care, sometimes his eyes you glance up at you and you would be staring down at the puppy.

“That is enough for this morning we will take a lunch break and then meet back here at one.” The director announced and most everybody had dispersed within ten minutes. You returned the puppy back to his cage and grabbed your lunch as well.

You sat at the front desk with your ear buds in, drowning out the sounds of the equipment with your music. It was about time for the break to be over, so you cleaned up a little and sat at the front desk until they needed you again. You began writing in your story again.

“What are you doing?” you manager startled you. You jumped in your seat shuffled the papers and put them away. “Go over to the makeup now.” you could tell that he was under a lot of stress and so you did exactly what he ordered.

You looked in the mirror, you bun was coming out and so the lady let your hair down and you turned your head to the right as the lady had ordered. Sitting next to you was Hoya. You were very surprised you tried to look away but she yanked on your hair and you had to look at Hoya. He turned his head and you were looking at each other and you both couldn’t look away. You were stuck looking at Hoya for a good fifteen minutes. They finished you and the directors assistants positioned you in the way that they wanted you. You finished the next scene and the next. By the end of the third or fourth scene they had found their puppies that they were going to use for the show.

You walked over to the makeup lady after the end of the day of shooting and you unleashed your hair from that awful bun that they had put you in, you shook your head to loosen your hair and ran your fingers through it a couple of times before you looked up and saw all of the boys looking at you with a shocked face on. You walked past them and sat in the all-too-familiar stool and sat down. You looked around the ladies were all too full of the other members and so you took the liberty of taking off your own makeup. You walked over to wardrobe they handed you your white tank top and your jeans that you wore to work every day. You were changed, walked into the back pulled out a puppy who’s leg needed to be re-wrapped because of the doctors orders. You placed him on a little table and unwrapped his wounds. You manager said goodbye and left.

There were only a few people left taking down equipment and such. You finished cleaning the puppies wounds that he had received by playing with another puppy and started to re-wrap the wound when a friendly voice caught your attention.

“Hello” You slowly looked up and say Hoya standing there

“Hi.” you said with a soft voice

“So, do you like work here?”

“Yeah, full time”

“What do you do in a place like this?” Hoya began to question you

“Well, I clean their pens and clean the puppies and kitties. I also make sure the shop looks good, I feed and water the animals and just look after it til closing time.”

“What are the hours of the shop?”

“They are eight to eight”

“Wow that is a long work day. I bet it gets pretty boring.”

“Well, not really I usually find stuff to do or I write stories.”

“What kind of stories do you like?”

“I write all different kinds.”

“Have I read any of your writing?”


“How are you so sure?”

“Nobody reads my stories. I keep them all private.” You finished wrapping the little puppies wounds and you checked the rest of his body for new wounds. There was a silence between
Hoya and you.

“So, what is this little guys’ name?”

“This is Buddy.”

“What is wrong with his leg?”

“He just got into a little fight with another puppy, they just had a little disagreement about food.” Hoya chuckled.”What is so funny?”

“It just kind of funny that puppies are so similar to people.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, with Infinite we all fight about food all the time, but we don’t hurt each other physically, well maybe, its more mentally.” You picked up the puppy and headed to the back room and placed Buddy into his own pen while he healed. When you came back out Hoya was waiting for you at the door. “How did the producer find you?”

“I was just working here and my manager just grabbed my arm and here I am.”

“Well I have to go, my manager just texted me. So I guess I will see ya later?”

“Yeah see ya later.” you made your way to your front desk and pulled out your story.

Hoya looked back at you before he totally left the store. He admired your hair and how it flowed and conformed to your face like a puzzle. How simple your skin is without makeup and the way your pencil flowed across the paper like a slow but steady river in the mountains.

The next couple of days you filmed the rest of the series and when you finished they threw a party for all of the members and you and Hoya talked, you became really good friends with all of the Infinite members but especially Hoya. You really enjoyed having company within the shop.

When everyone left the next couple days seemed to screech by. You tried hard to write stories but you had writers block. You couldn’t think about anybody besides the Infinite group but especially Hoya.

~A couple weeks later~

You had just opened up the shop and finished cleaning and feeding all of the animals in the shop. You settled down and you surfed the internet. The little bell rang as someone walked in through the door. You glanced up and saw Hoya you walked around the front desk and looked at him as he found his way to a new puppy that was in the window.

“Hello?” you squeaked

“Hi.” he swung his head around to meet your eyes

“Can I help you with anything?” you were trying to be polite and do your job

“Yeah. Can I see this little guy?”

“Sure I will be right out in a second.” you went into the back and grabbed the little Burmese Mountain Dog. You handed the dog to him and he cradled it like a little baby. His hand wrapped around the furry little body and scratched the belly as the puppy began to fall asleep. He looked at you as a smile crept across your face.

“What is his name?”

“Actually, she is new here and we, I mean I haven’t named her yet. Would you like to name her?”

“Are you serious?” His eyes glistened with excitement


“I think I will name her ________”

“Wait, are you serious?”

“Yeah I think it fits her perfectly.” Hoya commented

“Well that is my name.”

“_____________, that’s you name, I have always wanted to meet someone with that name.” Hoya began to get really quite, you stuck out your hand

“We never really had a proper introduction, Hi my name is ________” Hoya grasped your hand and gently shook it

“Hi my name is Hoya, I am from the band Infinite. It is a pleasure of mine to meet you.” you both bowed at each other.

“So what do you like to do for fun?”

“I like to dance and sing. You like to write stories, right?”

“Yes, but I like to do other things as well.”

“Like what?”

“Reading and learning new things.”

“I like learning new things as well.” You both froze when your eyes met, Hoya handed the puppy over to you and you looked down at the puppy.

“I am going to put her away.”

“Ok” when you returned Hoya had his hands behind his back.

“What’s behind your back.”

“Oh ah.”He took a deep breath and closed his eyes and handed you a note with a rose attached to it.

You read the note

Your appearance takes away my breath
Even though I never met
You beautiful smile makes your outfit complete
Even though I never met
You hair falls along your face like a waterfall that soothes my soul
Even though I never met
My mind races as I think of you
I never want you to be alone
~ Hoya

You looked up from the note and tears formed in your eyes. This is the first note that a boy has written to you before. Hoya moved in to you and moved his hand up and down your arm. He placed his hand on your shoulder.

“I mean every word of that note, poem thing.”

“Thank you” that is all you could saw because you were so stunned,

“Everyone notices everything. Friends notice the good, most people notice the bad but when you find a true friend you cannot help but notice both. But they love everything about you still the same.” You pulled Hoya in for a hug and he rubbed the back of your head in circles and you moved your head into the notch in his shoulder. Next thing you know you were slow dancing around the pet shop with Hoya’s hands around your waist and yours around his muscular neck.
The time seemed to fly away as you embraced each others friendship with open arms.
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