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My top 2 bias from Boys Republic is Sunwoo and Suwoong.
Question 1
Who would you date and why?
I would definitely date Sunwoo. I would date him, because he's more like me. He's a calm and quiet type of person. Besides that, he can get silly and crazy like no ones business.
Question 2
If you could only save one from a falling cliff, who would it be and why?
If I could only save one of them, it would be Sunwoo. The world needs him in it.
Question 3
Would you rather lose your memory of bias #1 or bias #2?
If I was to lose my memory, then I would prefer to lose my memory of bias #2 Suwoong. He's my wrecker, so I'll rather lose my memory of him.
Question 4
They both have a Concert on the same day and they want you there to support them. Who do you see?
I would go see Sunwoo, of course! I would go see my UB before my bias wrecker.
Question 5
If both proposed to you, who would you say yes to?
I would definitely say yes to Sunwoo! Sorry Suwoong but Sunwoo has my heart and soul. So I would definitely say yes to a proposal from him.

I think Sunwoo won this Challenge! What about your bias? Who would win?

@sukkyongwanser Yay! It wasn't hard to chose 😀
This was great! Sunwoo won, yeah!