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This been driving me crazy for years.
Okay when generation 2 came out for America I was 6 years old ( In fact when pokemon was made I was two years old.) To this day I never got this Pokemon. Like honest how the does a fish turn into an octopus? Can someone explain it to me? Because its been 13-14 years later and I still Don't know the answer. Not to mention I had to explain this to my cousin which by the way didn't go very well.
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They actually did explain the Venomoth & Caterpie one a while back and the animators actually switched the evolutions on accident and you can always tell by the eyes of the pok猫mon that they really did switch them and once they were like oh crap they were like fuck it. xD
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True that @AimeBolanos it was to much effort
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I have been cheated and lied too
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It would make senses of those evaluations but noooooooo
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I hate that damn octopus, 300 cp took me 11 pokeballs but a 600 cp slow bro took me 1.
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In the real pokemon games the octopus was very good depending on how you use him but pokemon go is a different story
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Ask Nintendo 馃槀馃槀
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