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GENGAR : "Hello everyone im the trainer and this fine lovely lady next to me is the pokemon!"
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Ronnie studied the boys intensely knowing that he needs to prepare for any potential battles. "Interesting, a pikchu who hates it's pokéball. Reminds me of Dalia."
"Are you already strategizing Ronnie?" Cree looked over as she saw him staring at the battle with a focused look.
"I may need to go the pc and change out a team member or two." Ronnie spoke to himself. "Mimi would be a good one and maybe Dino." Ronnie walked over to the complimentary pc for competitors and used it making sure to keep a close eye on the battle.
"Okay, but hurry back the opposing trainer is about to release her z move with her komala."
Ronnie goes back to his ring side seat and watches as the blonde boy uses his komala's z-move hidden power which turned into Inferno Overdrive. "Interesting." The other boys rowlett fainted leaving him with only his pikachu to battle for him. "This doesn't look too good for the kid."