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I can say I really love our fandom!
I don't know if this is true or not, but people are saying that 2 fandoms are going to save up drafts and do a mass voting to throw us off guard.
I hope that's not true. and if it is us ARMYs need to do the same thing.
who is in the running? I didnt even look wasn't it some western ppl? idk if their fans have that much...team power. but never underestimate the others
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oh those ppl?! We good!
Beiber is catching up...even of it is still a bog lead for BTS don't stop voting for them...Army's let's show these Western Artists just how popular BTS actually is!!!!! ^^
all heck no! i forgot about his odd fans! ARMY Unite! lol
ok i googled it because someone said the voting is more than twitter and the website and this came up. - Billboard Music Awards finalists are based on album and digital songs sales, streaming, radio airplay, touring and social engagement. These measurements are tracked year-round by Billboard and its data partners, including Nielsen Music and Next Big Sound. so we need to stream them like yesterday
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