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Gamer Challenge #2 - Favorite Protagonists
Thanks @boredemily @nshen1 @lyricalmotion for making challenge cards last week! I'm sure this will turn out to be an excellent collection in due time with your continual help :) This week's Gamer Challenge is: Share your favorite video game protagonists! Mine did not take long at all to figure out: Link. This muted badass travels across time and dimension, with Master Sword and Shield at hand, each incarnation beating every incarnations of the Demon King (Demise -> Ganons), controls weather and time while wearing skirts (i'll imagine that he's wearing the manly one on image # 3) and says nothing but "YALP YAH YAP YAH YAH GUH YAH YAH". And his ability to hold off from murdering Navi is just amazing as well.
Dat badass Link
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Definitely Link! Who doesn't love him?!
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