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I thought I saw the devil this morning
Looking in the mirror, drop of rum on my tongue
With the warning
To help me see myself clearer
I never meant to start a fire
I never meant to make you bleed
I'll be a better man today


Taehyun laughed to himself as he looked outside into the snow covered pavement. He woke up again, covered in broken glass, and a broken heart that seemed to hammer in his chest for it still wants to live; still wants to heal. His bloodshot eyes trailed back to his living room, his Christmas tree seemed to have its happiness sucked out of it. It no longer shone brightly; no, it was dimly lit as if it too was struggling to live. Taehyun's eyes traveled down to his own body, blood covered his bruised knuckles, and broken glass surrounded him like there was no tomorrow. His eyes slowly trailed to in front of him, he stared back at himself through a shattered mirror. The item describing perfectly how broken he was on this Christmas Eve. He slowly stood up; his body ached and screamed at him to stop. His tired limbs didn't want to cooperate, but he forced them nevertheless.

Memories of the night before flooded his mind; he was not very kind.
"I'll be good, I'll be good for you!" he yelled at the only other soul in the room; Mino. The one person who kept him from truly losing his mind. However, that didn't mean that Taehyun took him for granted. Mino shook his head, "You said that last time." Taehyun's hands went up to his head as if he was in a battle with himself. "No, I'll be good! I've been cold, I've been merciless, but I'll be good! I'll love the world like I should! I promise... Just don't leave me..." He fell onto his knees, as he sobbed into his hands.
Mino stood in front of him; he too was in a battle with himself, he just wasn't very apparent. He remembered all the times Taehyun accused him of cheating; all the times Taehyun got arrested, when Taehyun got drunk and trashed a whole place. He knew, he knew that Taehyun would not change. It was never about him; he would be given dirty glances because everyone knew Taehyun was one who doubted innocence; Taehyun was known to start fires, breaking down everything he touched. He couldn't do it anymore, Mino couldn't handle it. Taehyun was like a storm with no sight in ending. And Mino was tired of walking through the torrents, and flying items, his body covered in enough bruises, he didn't need anymore.

"No," he started, "I'm tired Taehyun. You shut out every peaceful and happy thing. You've turned yourself into a monster. I don't even know who you are anymore. You're not the Taehyun I fell in love with." Taehyun shook his head side to side, hoping that he just imagined Mino saying that. However, when Mino started walking away, he lost it. He clung to him, asking for one more chance. But Mino wouldn't give in. "Kiss me... Just one last time," Taehyun looked up at Mino. His eyes practically begging Mino. Mino sighed, he nodded slightly as Taehyun stood up.
Their lips molded roughly against each others, the kiss was no longer sweet; it was sour and tasted of Vodka, desperation, and broken hearts. Mino pulled away from the heated kiss, and without a single word, he was out of there never to return.

Taehyun lost it and things were flying once more all around, things hitting and breaking, it was like a tornado had formed and destroyed everything in its wake.

Taehyun clutched his a broken glass in his hand, blood reached his nostrils, but he couldn't seem to care. He looked at the one item he didn't destroy; the Christmas tree.

"It's bad luck to open or peak into the presents the day before Christmas!" Mino laughed as he held Taehyun's hands. He smiled lightly before wrapping his arms around the younger's body. Taehyun pouted, but he couldn't keep the sly grin coming to his face. He giggled as he wrapped his own arms around Mino. "I'm not going to have bad luck. Having you in my arms, and in my life, is more than enough luck for me," Taehyun whispered as he leaned into Mino. They both looked at each other's eyes before their faces moved closer. Their lips touched each other's lightly, silently telling the other how much they love each other.

Taehyun walked over to the single present that lay under the Christmas tree. He picked up the medium sized box, and held it carefully in his hands. He walked over to the withered couch and sat down, staring at the box. After a while, he began unwrapping it. Once the paper was off, he opened the brown box. He was met with a drawing Mino drew around the time they met. He chuckled lightly as he felt tears brimming his eyes. His eyes skimmed the drawing before placing it on the spot next to him. He looked back at the box and bit his lip harshly. It was Mino's song book. Taehyun had wanted to read it for so long, and now it was here... in his broken hands. With shaky fingers, he opened to the first page, "To my love."
Taehyun burst out crying, he held the book closer to him. “I'll be good, I'll be good…” he whispered once more. He looked out at the snow covered pavement, where he believed Mino stood.
However, the moment Mino's eyes met Taehyun's, Taehyun knew that he wasn't daydreaming. And that day, on Christmas Eve, Taehyun promised himself that he'll care about the world, that he will no longer doubt the beautiful and innocent items. He promised to be good, for all of the times he never could.