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After a week I Finally got it! lol The Epilogue to The Arrangement!
It does contain smut, so be warned!

Epilogue A month later. There was a knock at the door startling Grace and look over at the door in time to see Jimin striding into her apartment. .”Gracie did you make The sandwiches . . “ his voice slowed down as he caught her on the couch still in her Pajamas and the laptop in her lap. A guilty look crossed her face. “You said noon didn't you?” grace said looking at him. “Its 12:35. I'm late” Jimin chuckled. “I made the sandwiches and packed the bag, it's in the fridge”,she said closing her computer and putting it on the table. “But you're not ready” he said coming to stand in front of her. “And you're late” Grace shot back. “I did text you” he said staring down at her. “Yup, which is why I stayed comfy until you got here” she said “But let me go change so we can go out on our date” she smiled at him. A slow grin curved over his lips. “I could help you” he said as his hands wrapped around her. “But that would lead to things” she sighed disappointed about that. After they got together Jimin decided to take things slow. Going on dates, hanging out, but no sex. It was taking a toll on her body, she missed the feel of him. With him always so close, but unable to do anything other than kiss each other. It was as if they had taken multi steps back. “Besides we're going out right now” she said. “Yea, well you have it in the fridge. It can hold” Jimin was looking down at me, a look of hunger in his eyes, not for food either. “So, you need a hand getting changed?” He raised a brow a she stood up. “Hmm. Okay” she said slowly, giving in. his lips trailed kisses down her throat as he held her close. He lifted her shirt up exposing her bare breasts and made circles over her nipples. A moan came out of her as she ended up falling back on the couch with him on top. He made quick work of taking her pajama pants off and than his hands were roaming over her body. A slight blush tinted her cheeks as his hand dipped down to her lower regions and encountered something blocking his way from putting his fingers in her. “What is this?” He questioned looking down their bodies as he pulled something out of her with a pop. The action made her wet and moan. “Playing with toys?” Jimin chuckled holding it up so he could see. “Well since we haven't been doing it much lately” she trailed off. “Oh Gracie” Jimin groaned as he dropped the toy and skimmed his fingers back down. “I've been missing it too” he groaned. “Its been a freaking month Jimin. No sex is killing me and I'm a horny girl” she chuckled but it was cut off with a groan as his fingers slid into her. “Your not the only one” he said. She could feel him hard against her thighs. The bulge was there and she knew she wasn't the only one. “You sure?” She asked hoping he was. “God yes” he groaned as her hands went for his belt and started undoing his pants. Pulling him out of his jeans her hands stroked him, a shudder went through his body. “Gracie” he grained as his hips rocked pushing him into her hands as his fingers stroked her, both matching the rhythm to each other. Her orgasm was building and his cock was pulsing in her hands. His hand pulled away from her and was pushing her hand away, than holding her hand as he moved so his cock was sliding into her. Their arna raised over her head as he slid in and out and bring them both to orgasm.   It was followed by three more orgasms before they were to exhausted and just laid on the couch for a bit. “I'm hungry now” Jimin said breaking the silence, it brought a laugh out of her. “You did come over so we could go on a picnic and eat” she said running her hand over his chest. “And I came over starved” he said them chuckled. “I mean that in both ways too” he added making Grace laugh. “Well, we could stay in and eat” she looked toward the window to see the sun was still out and looking nice. “Or go out and enjoy the nice day” she suggested. “Go get dressed Gracie, I know you want to go out” he said slapping her thigh which brought another chuckle out of her. Finally extracting herself from him she moved to her room and found something to wear. Throwing clean underwear on and a pretty blue dress, she went back to find that he had put himself back together. “We'll stay close, park across the street okay?” Jimin asked as he put his sunglasses on. “Sure. I'm wearing my big brimmed hat” she said holding it in her hand. “Hmm, you like that hat to much, you always wear it lately” he noted. “Well you did get it for me on our first date” she said as she put it on her head. It was a nice white straw hat that had the big floppy brim all around it. Outside it shaded her face from the sun. Grabbing the basket out of the fridge she went to join Jimin at the door. “What number are we on now?” Jimin asked. “Hmm, our 14th date” grace grinned. “smart girl, your keeping track” he pressed his lips to hers in a light kiss. “Of course” she laughed. Jimin led them to the park and laid out a blanket for them to sit and Grace pulled out the basket and all the food inside. As they ate they talked about random things going on with each other. It was beginning to be a ritual, telling each other what they did when not together, even the smallest thing, or the random things that happened they shared. What started out as two friends, the sex, now led to both a friend and a lover all rolled into one.

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yass thanks for the update i have been waiting for this story