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1) when did I get into anime? I guess it was about 4 years ago, all thanks to my brother. 2) what is my favorite anime? My favorite would probably have to be D.Gray-man 3) how old am I? Old enough 4) do I play video game? If so which ones? Sometimes I do, I normally play Xbox games normally tomb raider. 5) who would I ship myself with? Oh god... umm probably Yu Kanda from D.Gray-man. 6) what is the one thing I want to do before I die? Travel the world 7) when did I learn of/ join Vingle? I don't remember to be honest maybe a year or so ago? 8) do I like James Bond? Do I watch anime with a James Bond feel? Yeah I watch James bind sometime? As for he second question I watch any anime I like. 9) what is the most personal question I would answer? This one... 10) what anime characters do I feel in most similar too? Rin from blue exorcist and Lenalee from D.gray-man because I struggle with a lot of inner battles just like they do. 11) my favorite ship? Umm, crap I have a lot but maybe Gajeel and levy from fairy tail. 12) do I like to read? Yes, but only really good books. If I don't like it I don't read it. Can't remember the last time I read a school book. 13) what type of music do I like and what's my favorite band? I like almost every kind of music and my favorite band is Coldplay. 14) profile pic? I found it on Pinterest don't know if she's from and anime or not. 15) when do I feel the most alive? Honestly I don't know... I guess I'd have to feel alive for me to answer that. Maybe when I mm watching anime? 16)what type of manga or anime do I like? I'll watch any anime as long as it's good. As for manga a prefer romance or yaoi. And that's it I hope I answer all of these to your liking. I enjoyed doing this so if you guys want another one tell me.
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Coldplay is my favorite band too! "Viva la vida", "every tear drop", "sky full of stars" and "princess of china" are some of my favorites. Also, Galevy for life!
Every tear drop is my favorite song by them