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1) when did I get into anime? I guess it was about 4 years ago, all thanks to my brother. 2) what is my favorite anime? My favorite would probably have to be D.Gray-man 3) how old am I? Old enough 4) do I play video game? If so which ones? Sometimes I do, I normally play Xbox games normally tomb raider. 5) who would I ship myself with? Oh god... umm probably Yu Kanda from D.Gray-man. 6) what is the one thing I want to do before I die? Travel the world 7) when did I learn of/ join Vingle? I don't remember to be honest maybe a year or so ago? 8) do I like James Bond? Do I watch anime with a James Bond feel? Yeah I watch James bind sometime? As for he second question I watch any anime I like. 9) what is the most personal question I would answer? This one... 10) what anime characters do I feel in most similar too? Rin from blue exorcist and Lenalee from D.gray-man because I struggle with a lot of inner battles just like they do. 11) my favorite ship? Umm, crap I have a lot but maybe Gajeel and levy from fairy tail. 12) do I like to read? Yes, but only really good books. If I don't like it I don't read it. Can't remember the last time I read a school book. 13) what type of music do I like and what's my favorite band? I like almost every kind of music and my favorite band is Coldplay. 14) profile pic? I found it on Pinterest don't know if she's from and anime or not. 15) when do I feel the most alive? Honestly I don't know... I guess I'd have to feel alive for me to answer that. Maybe when I mm watching anime? 16)what type of manga or anime do I like? I'll watch any anime as long as it's good. As for manga a prefer romance or yaoi. And that's it I hope I answer all of these to your liking. I enjoyed doing this so if you guys want another one tell me.
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Coldplay is my favorite band too! "Viva la vida", "every tear drop", "sky full of stars" and "princess of china" are some of my favorites. Also, Galevy for life!
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Every tear drop is my favorite song by them
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