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Here is the 2nd Chapter of my GOT7 fan fiction 'Indecent Proposal' I hope you are liking it so far.
Chapter 2

A month earlier…

Seuni’s POV
Its our last month in college. I am so happy and sad about ending a chapter of my life. The good part is I'm starting a new chapter. I'm going fof an internship in a top Graphic Design company in Seoul. Yes, Kim Seuni is going to make it big time. All the sacrifices I've made, or about to make will be worth it. Even though my best friend MiNa makes a part to try to distract me from my studies. She's a big time believer of work hard and play harder.

That's why I'm here at the school’s common ground. I'm suppose to meet up with her. She wants to introduce me to her 2 new friends that She's know for awhile. I've been too busy with studying and trying to get into a intern program. I've been feeling bad for neglecting my friend. So I agree to meet them. Jackson and Mark is their names. MiNa admitted that she has a huge crush on Mark. But she feels that she is stuck in the friend zone. She wants me to help distract Jackson. So she can get some alone time with Mark. I tried telling her that won't work, but she won't believe me. So I'm here waiting. I see them walking towards me. MiNa is leading them to me.

One of them is blonde hair. He was wearing a tank top, which showed his well developed arms. The other guy had darker hair and had a more slender form of body slightly taller. They were both good looking in their own way.
Hi Seuni!
MiNa says when they reach me. Let me introduce you to my friends.
She points to the blonde guy first.
This is Jackson. Jackson, this is my BBF Seuni.
We nod to each other. Then MiNa turns to the other guy with a big smile.
Now this is Mark. Mark, this is my BBF Seuni.
To my surprise, Mark stretches out his hand to shake my hand.
It's nice to finally meet you in person Seuni.
Like what did he mean by that. As if he was reading my mind.
I mean I heard so much about you from MiNa, that its good to finally put a face to the name.
Oh! MiNa has been talking about me.
Don't believe everything she says. Well maybe the good things
I say with a giggle. MiNa gives me a strange look. Oops! She thought I was flirting.
Let's go, or we are going to miss the movie.
MiNa says while linking arms with Mark. They start heading to MiNa’s car. I start walking next to Jackson. I give him a smile but he gives me a frown. Like what's his problem.

Earlier that day

Jackson's POV
Now tell me again why should I go on what basically is a double date?
Jackson asks Mark while taking shower. Mark was washing up at the sink. They have been roommates and close friends for a long time now. After washing up, he turns around to face Jackson.
Because I promised MiNa that we would hang out with her and her best friend today. Plus it's only a movie.
Mark says while leaving the bathroom.
Jackson hurries up to finish his shower. He quickly dries himself off, and wraps a towel around his waist. He follows Mark out of the bathroom. He walks to Mark's room.
You know I don't like hanging out with MiNa. She makes it so obvious that she wants to be alone with you. Why don't you tell her that She's just a friend?
Jackson asks while Mark gets ready.
That's why I need you there to block her. I don't want to lose her friendship but I don't see her like that. I have someone else in mind.
Mark explains while putting on his shoes.
Jackson narrows his eyes at Mark.
Jackson asks
No one you know yet.
Marks says while pushing past Jackson.
Jackson grabs his arm.
You know I don't like surprises, right?
Jackson asks
Don't worry so much. Now get ready, or we will be late.
Mark says while pushing Jackson towards his room to help him get dress.

Now I am walking towards a girl that is sitting down and waiting for us. MiNa was leading us to her. I can't stand MiNa. I don't know what Mark sees in her. Her friend has long dark hair, and was kind on the short side. I like that. I think she's really cute. How is she friends with a witch like MiNa.

When we got to her, and MiNa introduced us to each other. She was kind of standoffish with me but was really warm towards Mark. I noticed Mark giving her a sweet smile. They shakes hands. He made her giggled, which surprised MiNa. She didn't like that. MiNa was like it's time to go.
I realized why Mark was close friends with MiNa. He was using her.
That's the 2 Chapter. What is Mark thinking? We will see in the next chapter. Please let me know what you think of my story so far.
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