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Hello everyone!!

......I'm just going to throw this card out now and try and finish this card as fast as possible then I'm done....

Stupid phone and updated vingle and annoying crashes and blah blah blah hopefully it works now....

Now my mood boards with Yonghwa and a beach theme and rainy day theme!! Please enjoy~

(By the way, the quotes in the mood boards are by me :D)

~Yonghwa on a Beach~

~Yonghwa on a Rainy Day~

Soooo yaaaaa, I hope you all liked my mood boards~ Sorry this is so short and stuff but this is my third time making this card...

Sooooo ya :l
I'm Yonghwa right now ^^^^

Ya :l I hope you guys enjoyed my mood board and everybody else's mood boards~

I'll also be putting out the weekly card today as well~

Haha! It worked!! I'm sory that the card turned out this way, but I still hope you guys all enjoyed it still;;

Anyway, see you all on Sunday~!!

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