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Here's a storyboard I made not a moodboard. lol.

imagine he picks you up early in the morning to spend the whole day with you.

First stop is a bookstore. He knows how much you love the smell of books. after spending a few hours just browsing, laughing, and reading you both head outside. You spot a music shop that holds some vinyls. You point it out to home and you both head towards the destination.

once there you both get lost for looking for that one vinyl he's been searching for to add to his collection. once you find it you both grin big smiles. You pay for it and walk out hand in hand.

along the way you both get ice cream. you share laughs and stories about the week you both had. as the sun is about to set you look out at the water. You both head to his car. As you get in not ready for the date to end you turn towards one another. "Coffee!"

laughter and giggles spill from both your lips. He drive es off heading towards a new cafe he heard about which happens to be close today your place. once he parks you look at the building and it takes your breath away. it's the cafe as a cafe should be, we'll at least a cafe you dreamt about.

"Oppa!! It's so pretty!" you exclaimed grabbing on to his arm. As you go inside and sit down. He takes in all your features and amazed at how lucky he is to have you as his girlfriend.
"It's not as pretty as you."

You both pick up your respective beverages and smirk over the rims of the cups as if you were reading each other's minds you say at the same time "Coffee tastes best with you late at night".

you both laugh once more buy he grabs you thank in his and he runs small circles on the back of your hand.

you gave him the most relaxing and best day off he had in the longest time.

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I like it!