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Hello everyone!!

I welcome all of you to my funeral because this boy in black and white is literally like a knife going through my heart!!

How can such a beautiful human being exist in such a cruel world where we are apart and my heart belongs to another~

Write a fanfic about it C;

Sooooo I'm not the biggest fan of cowboys buuuuut.... Can I just say that he makes a really really hot cowboy!!!

Calm Nina...Don't let out your dirty thoughts...There are children here!!!!! Cx

But please!! Someone call an ambulance!! Get the doctor!!!! And please don't let it be Gongchan dressed as a doctor or I might literally pass out right here on this floor and never wake up again!!

I can't breathe!!! Even just imagining him like that is making me faint Dx

Someone find Lex and hold her down for me!! She must pay for letting me choose Gongchan as the member I'm representing!!!!

I don't know how much more of this my heart can take!!!! .... *cries a little bit, but just a little bit* Dx

*Sigh* See you all next Sunday...? Hopefully on time;;

🍬The SweetTargets🎯

(The B1A4 Mods)

🍌The BANAnas🍌

*The Dangerous Bitches*