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Wassup everyone!!!! Happy Hump Day!!!!! Wow, I didn't think that I would have so many chapters with this story!!!! I'm glad you all stuck around with it. I do promise, it will get a bit crazier, just bear with me!!!!! Of course, comments and feedback are always welcomed so please fill free to comment, address some concerns or even ideas!!!!!
While you were driving home, so many thoughts were running through your head. You almost crashed your car from you taking the curb too fast. You couldn't believe that it happened again. What in the world is going on??? This is the second time that this happened!!! Where are these feelings coming from??? I know I'm not that desperate........wait, am I? I know it's been awhile, but I'm not that thirsty. I can't just let anyone up in me. Who ever the next guy is have to have the right key to get in here!!!!! You entered your apartment and immediately went straight to bed.

Back at the studio, Jay was busy writing lyrics down. Ever since he saw Y/N, he couldn't get you out of his mind. From the moment that you both touched each other, he knew that he wanted more. That next day when he brought food over, he so badly wanted to kiss her and embrace her in a hug and never let her go. He can respect her wishes but each time seeing her, it was making it harder. What he wanted to do more than anything was to fix her broken heart.

You woke up the next morning with a purpose. You grabbed your laptop and starting writing what you thought from last night. You thought to yourself that his first album is going to be lit. You finished your report and sent it to your boss. You then got up and got dressed for the day. While trying on one of your sundresses, your phone goes off. You reached over and and saw that it was Jay. You debated to even look at the message, bur your curiosity got the best of you. You opened up the text and saw what he wrote.

Y/N, I know you'll probably won't read this or you'll delete this but I wanted you to just hear me out. From the two years that you wasn't in my life it felt like apart of me has died. Not a day goes by where I'm not thinking about you. I'm so sorry that I hurt you like I did. I didn't know what I had until you walked out of my life. I want us to be whole again. I need you to make me whole again. You coming back into my life again is like a wake up call for me to not to fuck this up and to make things right with me and you. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and we can work it out and I can call you mine again. Please give me a chance to make it right with you again. I would like to meet you at your favorite coffee place whenever you are free. Just text me when and where and I will be there.

Your eyes started to water as you read the text. This was the first form of an apology that you actually got from him. Sure when it happened he was apologizing, but at that time you wasn't trying to hear it. You wondered how much anger you harbored towards him. You knew that you had to face him and discuss what happened with him. You just wasn't sure how you would react around him. You picked up your phone and stared at it for a minute. Should you or should you not. It must have felt like an eternity before you typed the address to your favorite coffee shop and hit the send button. Shit, why the fuck did I just sent it??? What an idiot!!!! You know what? Fuck it. If he responds I'll meet up, but I am not getting back together with him again.

Less than a minute you get a response that he will be there within the next half hour. The shop was in walking distance from your apartment so you decide to head out.
Butterflies began to erupt in your stomach as you head out. Your just going to talk. You are only going to hear him out and hear his side. You are not going to get back with him. This is for you to have some type of closure so that way the two of you can work together and not have it be awkward. Just keep it short, simple and to the point.

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