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{WW} Sports Edition: Ayumi Takahara!

Happy Waifu Wednesday! This week is all about those sporty ladies!

Ayumi Takahara - The World God Only Knows

My pickings were a bit slim for this week... But here's my pick! Ayumi was Katsuragi's first target when the dating sim otaku accidentally signed a deal with a demon requiring him to collect loose souls by making their hosts fall in love with him! She's in the Track and Field Club at Maijima High School! I didn't really notice until I made this card that she beats on Katsuragi A LOT, not that he doesn't kinda deserve it, lol!

PS: Yesterday was her birthday, so happy belated, Ayumi!
So share your sporty waifu with us!
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The World God Only Knows (I always put the title after the character's name ๐Ÿ˜‰)
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