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sorry for the double post:( I would love the hot and amazing kiss. LOVE LMH, but those kisses are lame.
4 years ago·Reply
@dramacrazy ..hahahahaha, Agree again...
4 years ago·Reply
it's because the carektars are 18 so the won't have kiss scene like D I think the best kiss scene for lee min ho in city hunter on the rooftop I♥it
4 years ago·Reply
rooftop kiss in city hunter, more fake than ever, I like minho, but he never make me feel gossebum, in any scene kiss...jks better than him..
4 years ago·Reply
@tyta468...I think the kiss scene's in Personal Taste were pretty hot...and the first innocent kiss on the swings in BOF's was so sweet and tender.
4 years ago·Reply