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Since the voting has started, many westerns have seen and are slightly furious with how us ARMYS are going all out, saying it's just an award nothing special. That maybe true but our boys have worked hard and they deserve to win and get their name out their so everyone can see how special they all are.
Ok so yes we are crazy because this something big for all of us fans and BTS. However, we are not as crazy as some.
In away we are helping our boys win their dream. First the best album award, one of the biggest. Second, just how Yoongi said it in AgustD, next up is the Billboards. I think it's just funny how everyone is freaking out how crazy we are.
These boys have been with us for 4 years now. Their music is what makes them who they with how relatedable their music is. How many can say that the big names that our are boys are going up against have music that is relatedable? Maybe some, but I don't think all.
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I will do anything to ensure MY SON IN LAWS SUCCESS!!!
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I don't think we're crazy, just dedicated.
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Ha!! And obviously on the same wavelength. I'm been saying that on multiple posts on fb and Twitter all day!
5 months ago
yo this is great like I'm so proud. this is the true power of fandoms and artists.
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You would think pple would get the idea how fierce kpop fans r when a kpop band is up for an American award....
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I want to everything I can to help bangtan win, they deserve this so much they have worked their cute Lil butts off for this so all we can do is cheer and support and vote for our oppas!!
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