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Beautiful Liar (Chained Up Book 3)- Chapter 6

~Ravi's P.O.V~

I stood in front of Lei's family house. The weather was now turning from fall to winter. I could see my hot breathe against the cold air. I ran my hand in my hair as I sighed for the billionth time.

Nisha kicked me out of the house and wouldn't let me back in until I brought Lei back. I knew, I was going to face Lei sooner or later. I would have it been later but I had to tell her who the leader was of the clan we didn't know of.

"Are you just going to stand there in the cold or come in?" A voice said behind me. He was holding a brown paper bag full of groceries.

I look at him surprised as I didn't say anything to him. "Look you been standing here for the past thirty minutes, looking at my house. I know why your here. So do you want to come in or not. I can't promise that we won't kill you but I can promise we will be on our best behavior for now."

I was able to find the courage to nod my head and follow him in the house.
"I'm home!!!" He yelled as he shut the door after I stepped in.

I heard foot steps pounding against the floor. One by one, they took turns greeting their brother. Until one caught eye contact with me.

"What's the leech doing here?" He growled between his teeth. All heads turn towards me as I rub the nape of my neck.

"I invited him in, so be on your best behavior. Okay?"

"Kisu, why?"

"He been standing out our house for the past thirty minutes. Plus I believe our sister and him have to work out their differences. As much as I hate to say this but someday he will be our brother in law." Kisu told his younger brothers. Majority of them look un-pleased by the thought of me being a brother in law.

"Lei is upstairs, I'm sure you can find her room. If you need anything just come to us." He told me before leaving the room. I looked up the staircase. Taking one step at a time felt like a lifetime went by.

I could smell Lei's scent as I walked with it and ended up in front of her door. I took deep breathes before raising my hand up to knock. A soft rap came from my knuckles against the wooden door. There was no response so I knocked again.

Desperate (Chained Up Book 4)

Many years ago.......

"My daughter, Daddy loves you. You will be the most breathe taking fallen angel earth has seen." The man cradled the infant child to his chest. Giving her last kiss on the forehead for a last goodbye. He handed the child off to a man and a women who was willing to take the baby girl as their's. Their wings spread out between their shoulder. They were purest white feathers and ready to airborne to make their flight an easy take off into the midnight sky down to earth.


8 Years later......

Fire raised high and higher as an eight year old clinging onto her parents. Her parents were slaughtered by men that they have loaned money from. "Boss the child?" One guy asked another. "Let her burn in this fire." that guy snarled as he rushed out of the front door of the house. The guy that asked about the child. He was tall, scrawny in the body. His face didn't seem to fit in a gang that he was in. But looks can always be deceiving.

Without a second thought, he picked up the crying girl in his arms. The girl wasn't that strong to put up a fight with the man. The man rushed to the running car that had three others besides the boss who said to leave the child. "I thought I told you to leave the child!!!" He yelled at the guy that was holding the crying girl in his arms. "How am I going to leave a crying poor girl who lost her parents because of us!!!" He flinched away from the boss who was getting ready to hit him but stopped when his eyes met the little girl. He seemed to be starstruck by the angel of pure beauty. Looking in her eyes, he could feel and sense the strong strange vibe that the little girl gave off. "She is your responsibility" grabbing the man's collar in a grip tight fist. The man nod in sudden movements. The other three men in the vehicle stayed silent through out the ride only to be bothered by the crying girl.


The vehicle pulled up to a single story house that was in poorly condition. The man who had held the crying girl in his arms, carried her into the house. Walking done the short hallway that had multiple rooms lined next to each other. He opened the second door on the left. It was nothing special, just a dresser, nightstand, a bed and a window. The walls were pale white. He set the little girl down on the bed as he turned to his dresser and pulled out a shirt. "Would you like a bath?" He asked the little girl, who had calmed down with the crying. She never took her eyes off of the man as she had seen his soul of pureness of kind and good. She slowly nod her head yes. He gave her a small smile before taking her hand and leading her to the hallway bathroom. There outside the bathroom doorway was a guy who looked younger then the rest of the men that were in the vehicle.

"She's so cute!!!!" The young man yelled in excitement as he bent down to the little girl's level. "Hello, I'm Minseung. You can call me by my name or Oppa." He showed the girl a square shaped smile. Another man came up and slapped him upside the head. "Your scaring the poor girl." the man said as Minseung pouted as he rubbed his head. "I wasn't trying too." Muttering under his breathe. The man who have slapped him on the head was really tall, had muscles that were buffed from a work out, he had a scare on his face and his arms were covered in tattoos. "Guys lets me bathe her before you try to get close to her." The man who was holding the girl hand said. "Oh can I help!!!" Minseung raised his hands in excitement as he earned another slapped in the head. "Would you stop hitting my head, I keep losing brain cells if you keep doing that." The scare face man raised an eyebrow and looked at Minseung. "What brain cells do you have? Last time I knew you didn't have any."

The man who was holding the little girl hand chuckled and walked past by them as they argued. He walked into the bathroom where he set the toilet seat lid down and put the little girl on the seat. He stood up and started to fill the bathtub with lukewarm water. He kneeled down to the little girl level and started to take her clothes off. He helped her in the tub and poured water over her body to get her body use to it. "What's your name Sweetie?" He asked the girl. "I never got one. Mommy and daddy were mean to me that they never named me. I never went to school and the neighbor next door taught me how to read and speak." the girl told him. He felt sadden about how this little girl never stepped out into the world. "Shall I give you a name?" He asked her. He could see the excitement on her face light up as she nod her head. He pretend to think of a name but knew already a name to give her. "Hmmm. Let's about Hava? Kim Hava?" He asked her as she nod her head to agree. "Since I named you, you can call me Appa from now on. Okay?" "Okay."

There was a loud bang of the bathroom door. Minseung came falling to the floor with scare face guy. Hava father turned around to look at the men in the door way of the bathroom. "May we help you gentlemen?" Hava father questioned them. "Aww, my little sister is so cute. Taking her bath." Minseung kneeled down to the little girl, who now had her face facing now to hide her fresh deep red blush that was covering her face. "Aww so cute!!" He went for a hug but only to be pulled back from Hava's father.

"Who said you can touch her?" asking Minseung with a stern face. "Come on Hyung!!! I wanna help bathe her, and treat her like the little princess she is." Hava's father sighed in defeat because he knew Minseung would treat his little girl like a princess, but the boss and others were tricky to read on how they feel about Hava. Hava father watched the two playing in the water. Minseung turned Hava around to wash her back. And there they saw pure white small feather wings from the shoulder blades.

"Hyung? What's this?" Minseung said confused as to why there were wings on the little girl's back. The father quickly turned Hava around and looked into her eyes. "Sweetie what's on your back?" he asked her as Minseung and Scare face were behind waiting for the answer. The air between them were tense as they waited for the little girl to speak.

"Mommy and Daddy said I'm a fallen angle that fell from heaven with them. They said to not let anyone know or I'll have bad people do bad things to me." She said as she spread the pure white wings out to show the three shocked men in the bathroom.

"A Fallen Angel that we found huh?" A new voice said making the three men in the bathroom jump by surprise. They all turned back to see the boss man standing there with two other guys. They were young but older then Minseung. They looked the same but very different in some of the face shapes and the body shape. Minseung, Scare face and Hava father bowed there heads and stepped to the sides as the boss man came in to look at the little girl. He gave her a smirk. It wasn't a nice smirk, it was a smirk to let her know that her life would be a living hell from now on.
Twenty Four (Exo Fanfic)

"EunJi....It's over" I heard those words leave from his lips. I felt my heart ache as my throat lock out the oxygen that I could breathe in. I could feel the tears in my eyes beginning to make their appearance. I couldn't move a single muscle in my body as I watch him walk away.

Why did he break up with me?

Was I not enough for him?

"Wait!!!" I called after him. I sprinted into a run as I clutched onto his blazer. "Why are you breaking up with me?" I asked him. I really wanted to know his reason.

"You were just a toy to play with." He responded. "You didn't think I would actually like you....Hahaha." he started to laugh as he hold his stomach. I bowed my head, to fight the tears off.

"No one would ever date you." His words played in my head like a cd that is scratched and the only thing it could play is that one part on repeat. I watched him walk away from me again.

I turned the opposite direction of the way he went as I made my way home. The clouds rumbled of thunder as the rain poured down like cats and dogs. It was a good thing the rain was pouring as I could cry my eyes out and no one would notice it. What was more sucky about my day was not having an umbrella.

I slowly arrived to a bus stop. Sitting on the bench, I waited for the bus to come. I happy that no one was around yet but I knew that it was bitter sweet until a group of guys came to the stop. They all had the same school uniform. They were from a different school then I was.

I could hear their conversation but I wasn't really paying attention to them. I didn't realized that I started making the noises I make when I was crying. It was between a hiccup and a sobbing sound.

"Miss... are you alright?" A guy voice asked. I looked up to see see a bronze skin guy sitting next to me. I hiccup sobbed again as I looked at him and his friends. They were probably thinking I was crazy.

Sniffing a couple of time. "This is the worst day ever. First I forget my text books at home...then I didn't have enough money to buy lunch....It started raining and I don't have my umbrella with me and my now ex boyfriend just threw me away like a dirty tissue. He said I was only a toy" I said, taking more sniffs and hiccup. "Like what in his right mind would he do that. Do you know?" Asking him.

"Uhhh...." he scratch the back of his neck.

"Of course not... your not him." I cried. I wasn't for sure why I was spilling my feeling out to them but it sure in hell felt good to let it out.

One of his friends pulled out a tissue and hand it to him so he could give it to me. I kindly took it him as hiccup sobbed came.

"I'm sorry, I just told this all on you." I told them. "I'm really am sorry"

"Its's not every day you run into a beautiful girl thats crying her eyes out." The guy said giving a small smile. "I'm Jongin but you can call me Kai, these are my friends Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O, and Sehun. He pointed out each guy and I bowed to each one.

"Hello, I'm EunJi" I told them. The bus pulled up and I stood up. "It was nice to meet you all... I'll be going." I quickly got on the bus and wave to them. They were nice, I wouldn't mind to have them as friends.


Exodus (Exo Fanfic)- Chapter 29

~3 years later~

"You have everything?" Kris's mom said to Kris as he nod. The three of us were standing in front of the house. Xiumin and I were giving Kris time to say goodbye to his family as we waited for a taxi to come get us.

Taxi pulled up and honked. Xiumin and I picked our stuff off the ground and headed towards the taxi.

"Where you heading?" The driver asked me.

"The airport please." I moved to one side as Xiumin came in and Kris following after. The driver nod and waited for the door to shut.

"So where are you three traveling too?" The driver asked. He seemed he didn't want it to be quiet in the car.

"Seoul, South Korea. We have two brothers over there, waiting for us." I answered the man.

"I see, I see. Well its pretty over there. One time I went with my wife and she loved it over there. The food, the culture, everything was pretty cool." The driver kept blabbering on.

We tried our best to keep the small talk with the man until we pulled up to the airport. I gave him the money as we all got out. "Have a safe trip." Telling us as he pulled away.

"Okay so lets get to our gate with out trying to be killed this time." I told Xiumin and Kris as they nod.

Kris led us to our gate. We sat down in the seats waiting to aboard the plane. When we were able to get on.

I ended up getting first class seats. "You must be rich to get us first class seats." Xiumin said shifting in his seat. He seem uncomfortable with being in the first class part of the plane.

"My adopted parents are teachers. My dad is a professor so recieve the most of the money. My mom stays home now."

They nod and silence came upon us as we heard the captain speak telling us that we are lifting off.

"Why Seoul?" Kris asked.

"I had a dream that told me to buy a house in Seoul. So Lay and I went around house hunting to find a beautiful house in the woods. So if we do get attacked then no one is around to get hurt besides us."

"Makes sense. What about our other siblings?"

"We'll go look for them. Then bring them home" I said. Our conversation died down. Kris was playing on his phone, listening to music. Xiumin was sleeping and I had a magazine in my lap to pass off the time.

Hey Guys, so this is what I been working I hope you enjoy the short previews I'm hoping to update soon. I just have a lot of things going on right now that its kinda hetic. So please bare with me. I want to get some of these up at least by summer time. I haven't worked on Exodus in a long time so Im gonna have to remember what my plan for that one was but the others will be active once I got many chapters written so I can post. Thanks for sticking with me :) I hope everyone has a great day.

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