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English Speaking Kookie & A Proud Hobi 💖

Our our baby bunny is working really hard to learn english, gotta love him! ♡

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I saw the video earlier today! It was so cute!!
7 months ago·Reply
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Exactly! ^^ I saw the bowling video earlier today. He's gotten so good so fast!
7 months ago
What video was this from?
7 months ago·Reply
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I'll send you a link when i get home 😊😊😊
7 months ago
One proud Appa haha
7 months ago·Reply
His English is so cute though 😘😘😘😘 I'm so proud
7 months ago·Reply
Did something happen to his face?
6 months ago·Reply
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Just making sure our Bun Bun is okay.
6 months ago