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Imagine if you saved up a shit ton of money to go see AOMG live. You've got front row so you can see them up close and you'll be able to meet them back stage later on.
While Jay is busy being a hoe. Simon Dominic is on his rap.
During his rap, he walks up closer to the end of the stage where you're at and he actually makes eye contact with you. He gives you that smooth ass look that makes you scream and your heart skip beats. Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.... wrong story...
Imagine he reaches his hand out into the crowd and touches yours. He shakes it playfully with a smile and he stops a rap to let the record fill in what he stopped on. In the mic, he goes "what's up baby" He seems like he really digs you.
The famous man child continues to perform with Jay. They're killing it, the heat in the room is intense the crowd is screaming and rapping along. This moment is unforgettable, he's touched your hand, called you baby, he's made eye contact with you. It's definitely the most thrilling night of your life. Ssam D comes out with lollipops and tosses them to the crowd before he gets one of his own. The concert continues and you're captivated by all of AOMG's performances. Now it's time to go meet them in person.
You meet all the guys and get autographs and fan girl like all the others. They seem chilled out and carefree and it's so wonderful but you look around and find Kiseok and your eyes are on him the whole time. Your face is hot and your cheeks are burning red the closer you get to him. He smiles and you say, "hi" he gives you that signature smirk and you start acting shy. He lifts your chin and has you look at him. "Only look at me." he whispers. You're full on screaming in your head and feel like your soul is about to leave your body. You giggle like an idiot and say, "oppa you're embarrassing me." he chuckles lightly and gifts you with a lollipop. He makes a face where his nose scrunches and he says, "you're really beautiful." Now you're blushing up to your ears and he decides to take a selfie with you. His chest is pressed against your back and he's holding the camera above you two and he snaps a few pics. He lightly kisses the top of your head and he asks you your name. "It's Y/n." you say "Well it's nice to meet you Y/n. We should meet again." he hands you his phone that has a new contact slot open and you look at him with wide eyes. Imagine this happens..... What do you do?
i'd wake the Fxxk up
CHIIIIIIIILLLLLEEEEEE LISSEN!!! Whatever you can dream up Craig, multiply the depravity and intensity by 20, and that's EXACTLY how it's going down.😈😈😈😈😈😈
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@BabydollBre and you know this MAN!!
die... or internal scream like the SimonD fangirl I am and put my number in his phone. then leave and faint...
lmfao I feel you
simon just took over fuck the rest xD
sit on his lap and input my number. and wiggle wiggle πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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