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Welcome to the 2nd day of our Six Days of Steven event, Weapon Wednesday!

So, I was thinking for a bit about what weapons I'd like to see in Steven Universe that I haven't already. Now, I'm excluding special abilities like Lapis' water bending or Peridot's metal bending, because that list would be freaking never-ending!
Now, I know what you're thinking. "That's Sugalite's weapon". Well, although it looks similar to Sugalite's smashing ball-and-chain, a meteor hammer is double-headed, and is thrown instead of swung. I think this would make for an interesting yet uber-powerful fighting style for any gem that has this. Sugalite fusion with another gem perhaps?
Literally pronounced "zappa-zap", this is an axe type that can be used like a shield, a traditional axe, or a throwing blade. It's made to block and deliver fast blows and fly through the air quickly. This weapon would allow a very adaptable style that would be able to use and blend many different styles of fighting, making for an almost "wild card" unpredictable fighter.

Well, those are my weapons I want to see in the show. What weapons are your favorite in the show or do you want to see in future episodes?

Join in the fun all this week during our Six Days of Steven event! :P

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