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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

Mintaek's POV

Y/n and Digit had walked to the whirlpool and she knelt down to talk to him while Mintaek gave a look to the guard. The guard looked like doing this wasn't the greatest idea that she might run from him instead but honestly he believed she'd stay close by now because of Digit. Their bond was solidified the moment she saved him and decided to bring him back home. She already knew how to treat him and it seemed like if he got out of line she controlled him well enough. Digit was a welll behaved boy and even though he had referred to the child as their son he wasn't entire sure how much he believed those words himself. Either way this was what was meant to be. Y/n wanted to go back to see her family and she was excited about it he knew she was and it had more to do with how she felt the last time he set her free than it did with their Mark that he knew. Her family, especially her brothers were a big par of who she was and her entire life. He had seen their influence on her in her life while he slept he should've known from the beginning that she wouldn't be able to stand being away from them. Mintaek came up to the Whirlpool just as Y/n said,

"Maybe I can take you to see the Terracotta warriors sometime. They're really cool."

"Really! I want to go. Can we Papa?" Digit looked up at Mintaek with that same childish smile.

Y/n looked up at him with a blank stare but he felt her heart skip like his own did when he heard Digit call him papa. He looked away and said,

"For right now Y/n is just going to see her brothers. I have to keep my promise."

It sounded very robotic but he didn't know how to deal with what he just felt. He honestly couldn't stand the fact that he had just called him papa. Not in the way that he thought it was revoluting but in a way that he couldn't get enough of it. He almost wanted to fall to his knees and hug him. He wanted to pet his head and give him a smile, there was a lot running through him that he didn't understand. Y/n looked down at Digit and said,

"Don't worry you'll like Busan, they've got a nice BBQ place out there."

"What's BBQ?" he asked.

Y/n took a moment to think about her answer and said,

"I guess the best way to explain it is that we take food and we put it over a fire and have the fire cook are food. I don't really know how else to explain it but it tastes amazing. Huh? I wonder, can Wolves eat human food, I've seen you eat it befor eand get sick." Y/n said now directing her question towards Mintaek.

"Wolves can stomach human food better than us. We need humans for their blood." he answered.

"Yeah don't remind me." she said looking away.

He was a little hungry right now buthe could hold it off longer. The kiss she gave him before was unexpected but he wondered why she had given it to him. He had a little taste of her blood, she had turned him on so much they popped out. A few times that happened when they were dating before she found out about him but the thing was that he was always hiding it. He would let them pop out when he was by her neck or he would stop the kiss and look down to catch a breath. He didn't really control it anymore since she now knew. Since she could see everything he saw, since she had his Mark, since she knew he was a Vampire. There was no reason to hide but it felt like they were both still hiding from each other. Y/n took in a breath and looked at the whirlpool entrance. She was holding Digit'd hand, it was such a sweet picture. If he really was their son it would be amazing perhaps he'd hold his hand too and this would be a family trip. He claimed him as his son because he knew Y/n would be upset at him if he took the Grand Elders side again. If he so much as threatend Digit again everything was over between them but what he had said wasn't wrong and he was only just realizing that now. The three of them represented three different communities, races, within this world. Digit was a solution to a problem that they hadn't even considered. Was it because she knew that she kept him around or was it because she honestly adored Digit? He didn't think that she would just use a child, maybe it was really that she had just latched onto him. He had to at least try and make a connection with him he just didn't really know how. It wasn't like he watched her carry him for nine months and then push him out. It wasn't like he held him when he was a baby and cradled him in his arms, taught him how to fight, taught him how to talk, taught him how to walk or heard his first cry. He knew nothing about this child. Why had Y/n latched onto him like this just so easily with no question? Her son. His son.

Their son?

It didn't feel right, it didn't feel normal.

"Minatek." Y/n said looking back at him.

He looked up and apologized. He stepped up closer to them and opened the whirlpool for her. He thought for a moment he should stay behind and just pick her back up but he wanted to go with her. It was probably best he went with her. He never met her brothers in person, any time they had shown up he had just left or he'd been away for a few hours and when he came back they had left. Since time moved different on Earth than at the Society it was always hard to judge when he could come back and see her with them. He walked through the whirlpool with them and Y/n siighed when she felt the pressure of her world, it was much lighter and she probably felt like a feather. Digit looked around at the maze they were surrounded in.

"What is this place?" He asked.

"It's the garden, we have to come here to go back and forth between worlds." She smiled at Digit.

"You already don't want to go back." Mintaek said plainly.

Y/n looked up at him, she didn't have to confirm it because he knew it was true. Being back home was harder on her than she was letting herself realize. What was the point in coming back when she'd have to return to the place she hates? She looked away from him when her phone started to go crazy. She picked it up and saw that she had over one hundred messages from her brothers and her parents, asking her where she had gone and if she was okay. They wanted to know why she didn't tell them she was leaving and if she was coming back soon. She had multiple calls left over from her brothers. She was a bit annoyed at that.

"Those idiots. I left the a letter. They're so stupid worrying about me. Although I guess they were right on the money weren't they?" she shot at Mintaek.

Mintaek nodded and looked away but not before he saw her narrow her eyes on him. She sighed and decided to call her brother.

"Hey Johnny- Whoa! Hey don't you start yelling at me I left you a damn note.-Would you- John- Shut the hell up! Damn if I could get a word out then maybe we could talk. Anyway, I wanted to meet up with you and Taekwon do you mind or is your head still stuck up your ass?" She said.

Mintaek watched as her annoyed and uncomfortable demeanor with him melted into a laugh and comfort at being home. If Y/n had taken him from the Society and told him that he could never return, he would be pissed too. He wouldn't like it, he couldn't just give up his home. He saw now where she was coming from. She was just always supposed to be his in his mind so he never considered the damage he was doing when he forced her to his world. He didn't even care or think about it when he set her free for three years. He wanted her to be happy but he also wanted her to be happy with him. What if he couldn't have both? What if he had damaged what they were do much so that there was no way of getting her back. He had seen it last night though, she brushed her hand through his hair, she had given him a little smile. It was almost like normal, she'd given him some hope that they could fix things. She wasn't out of love with him she was just locked away somewhere he couldn't reach her. He had pushed her into that and it was his fault so how could he fix it? He looked down at Digit who was looking around at the Maze. He swalloed his pride as a Vampire and knelt down.

"Digit." he called out to him softly.

Digit turned to him and smiled, he walked over to him and said,


"You know that Y/n really loves this place right?" he said.

He nodded.

"Okay well, I know you want to spend time with her but maybe we should leave her alone to see her brothers." he whispered.

Digit smiled,

"I can smell water from here. Can we go there?" he asked.

Mintaek couldn't really believe how he so easily accepted that but he nodded and said,

"Alright, I think I remember the way to the beach."

He stood up and looked at Y/n who had been watching them. She was just finishing the conversation with her brother then she hung up.

"Johnny wants me to meet him and Taekwon at my parents. Apparently they're worried to death." she said looking at him suspiciously.

"Can we go to the beach?" Digit asked happily.

Y/n looked down at him for a second and gave him a soft smile. She then looked up at Mintaek and said,

"Perhap you two better stay near me."

"Y/n I won't hurt him. I promised to protect him for you." Mintaek said.

"I don't know." she said.

"Momma he won't hurt me." Digit said.

She smiled when he called her momma. She came down to meet his height and cupped his face.

"You're entirely too intelligent for your age." she said.

"Y/n go meet your brothers I'll take him to the beach adn then when you want me to come meet you use the Mark. I'll find you." he said.

SHe sighed and then looked at Digit. SHe kissed his forehead and stood up,

"One hair out of palce and me and you are starting world war three." she said.

"Will you be this protective with our next baby?" he asked.

She looked at him almost offened by the joke then she looked to the ground with a bit of a smile. She scoffed with a laugh and said,

"I suspect you might be far more protective of her than I could ever be."

She headed for the exit of the garden and Mintaek looked at her oddly. He was confused did she just say she? He was just playing with her, he knew now they couldn't have kids even though he thought that was wrong Fae were extremly fertile. So did she know something he didn't? Mintaek picked up Digit and took him with him to the beach. He had to follow the scent of the water because he couldn't quite remember how to get there on his own direction. He got there and Digit howled after taking in a deep breath of the ocean breeze. Mintaek smiled, he didn't have to hide his howl here. There were wolf packs hanging around but they weren't so commonly lurking here. He was fine to be himself which actually helped Mintaek relax more. Digit ran around on the beach with his shoes off and he watched him run and chase the tides. He slipped once in the water and looked like he hit his head. He wasn't sure if he had any fatherly instincts or if it was because he knew Y/n would kill him if anything ever happened to Digit that made him jump up quickly to check on him. Digit was simply laughing and rubbing his head. The water was cold for his hot blood though. He had to pull him out of the water and cover Digit with his jacket to get him to warm up.

"You can use fire right?" Digit asked.

Mintaek nodded.

"Momma has been training with Janera. I'm grateful to her. I would still be trapped behind the wall if it wasn't for her."

"How can you just aceept Y/n and me as your new parents? Didn't you love your old ones?" he asked.

Digit thought for a second.

"I saw a lot of things when I was behind the wall. I was there for three months without even realizing it. I mourned my parents but nothing will bring them back so Janera showed me new parents. Ones that care about me in their own way. Y/n lost her baby, I think she really needed something to live for. Plus if she's going to stay in the Society with you she was going to need a reason to stay. I think that's why she was resisting you for so long and even now still. She knew that she couldn't have children so it was almost like she felt she served no purpose to be with you. She has a new hope now though and it isn't me although I think it was caused by me. It's one of the perks to being a wolf and having no cut cards. We accept everything as it is. That doesn't mean I didn't love my birth parents or even that there were bad to me. It's just they're no here anymore and I need some one now. You two are here and you're willing, well momma is more willing than you right now but I think that we could be a family. Momma believes it too I think she's just looking for more time to trust you." he said.

"She's right you're entirely too smart for your age." Mintaek looked away.

"I don't think I would've been if I wasn't with Janera. Maybe you two should go to her together. Perhaps you'll both get the truth you've been looking for."

"What truth do you think I'm searching for?" Mintaek asked.

"Will Y/n love you again?" he said turning to look Mintaek in the eye.

He hit the nail on the head. He sighed, he didn't like that a child was seeing right through him. Digit was as childish as ever though, one minute he was insightful and the next he was a little eight year old child that loved to play and run around and howl like the wolf he was. Mintaek stood up feeling his Mark burn. Y/n wanted them to return to her.

"Alright Digit it's time to go meet your mother." he said.

He referred to Y/n as Digit's mother without even thinking. He looked down at Digit who had made it to his side and they started walking. She didn't feel too far away. In fact, he believed this was around where they had their first date. It seemed familiar. HE saw Digit looking at a little boy and girl across the street each holding their parents hands as they walked down the side walk. Digit looked at his hand and then reach up to grab Mintaek's the same way that Y/n had been holding his hand as they made there way to the whirlpool. The sun was almost setting already and it created the same mood as when Y/n had held onto his arm, the same shock that Mintaek felt then he felt now. He looked down at Digit who was looking forward as if this were the most normal thing in the world. Nothing was odd to him, he was a child, he told the truth, he saw the truth, he was secure in what the truth was. He knew they would be a family even if Mintaek was uncertain of it. Somehow him holding his hand felt like when he was a child and his father held his hand while they walked around the Society. It felt normal. It felt like how it was supposed to feel.

Father and his son.

"Shit." he whispered.

Digit was his son. He couldn't deny that anymore. Mintaek's hand tightend around Digit's hand and they walked to the BBQ resturant that Y/n was at. She was waiting out side with her arms crossed. He knew she felt uncertain about sending them off on their own but when Digit yelled out,

"Eomma!" and ran over to her.

He saw Y/n's face gorw into a huge smile and she opened her arms and knelt down to give him a hug once they had met her. Y/n was adopted herself. The men she called her brothers weren't her blood nor were her parents. He knew that she loved them anyway. He knew that she grew up with them all her life but she wasn't ignorant to the fact that she wasn't their blood relatives. Mintaek didn't understand the connection because he was realted to his parents. He was raised by them but Hyukwoo had been somewhat of a second father too him. So then he shouldn't bee feeling like this. He shouldn't be denying them what they wanted. He shouldn't be denying her what she wanted. He walked up to Y/n and wrapped his arms around her waist. She looked up at him and he kissed her softly then deeper, deeper until he could feel her kissing back, feel her heart moving towards him a few more inches. He wanted the key to unlock her but he didn't know where it was. She didn't trust him.

"If only we were strangers again." he whispered after he came off her lips.

"Mintaek?" she asked softly but confused.

"I take back my Mark. You no longer bare the Mark of Oh Mintaek." he said.

She looked up at him shaken. The connection was broken though, he couldn't feel her anymore. She stared at him, she was free of him.

"Enjoy your dinner." he nodded to her.

He looked down and ruffled Digit's hair.

"Take care of your mother." he said.

He turned to walk away.

"Mintaek!" she yelled.

He continued walking but he felt his hands shaking, he wanted to give it back. He wanted her to beg for it back. He wanted to hold her and tell her he wasn't leaving, he wouldn't be far.

"Mintaek!" she yelled.

He flitted away so he wasn't in her sight anymore. He had given her what she wanted. He set her free....
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