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(These are just awesome quirks that one can use to create your own character for a story!) This week's theme was to create a character that can be in any book world! Note: this is technically the main protagonist in my 'Moonless Nights' fanfiction but I put more to her name! Here we go! :D Full Name: Adrianna Angela Ryu Nickname(s): Dri, Anna, Annie, Angie, Angel, Ryu-Ryu Gender: Female Birthday: August 24th, 1995 Age: 22 Height: 5’4 (162 cm) Weight: 146 lbs Race: Korean Canadian Eye Color: Chestnut Brown Body Shape: Petite, Cello Face Shape: Oval Hairstyle: Collarbone length, straight Natural Hair Color: Light Cool Brown Current Hair Color: Dark Golden Brown Personality: adaptable, articulate, caring, kind, thoughtful, forgiving, gentle, intelligent, loyal, humble, absentminded, quiet, stubborn, anxious, clumsy, hesitant, insecure, resentful, shy Quirks: always has dirty fingernails, walks with short strides, constantly looks over shoulder, shaky, jumpy/nervous, licks lips constantly, never matches (clothing/style), hums to self, speaks quickly, needs constant reassurance, daydreams, closeted dancer, bites fingernails/lips, mumbles when defending self/others Current World/Universe: Divergent Requirements of the World: -Aptitude Test at 16 -must choose either current faction or new faction -Divergent, could be placed in Amity, Dauntless, or Erudite -went to the Choosing Ceremony -chose Dauntless -must past Initiation -passes Initiation in the top 5 of her class My Character Interacts With: Tris, Four, Christina, Uriah, Lynn, Marlene My Character Does: Good, she helps Tris and Four during the climax of the story (no spoilers in case somebody hasn't read it) Human or Mythical Creature?: Definitely human, Divergent but human

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this sounds so cool!!