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i was planning to post more today but im done. three straight days of being told you're a shit kpop fan on vingle by people you trusted is enough for me.

taking a break.

i'll be back soon guys dont worry, just need a few days to get better mentally. besides, there's a vixx comeback to spam about!
of course! i didnt need the vixx comeback stuff to start during finals!
I'm sorry, but I feel like we are missing something. I haven't seen anyone say you were a bad Kpop fan unless they messaged you saying this. I have seen where some people myself included have tried to inform you where some things in cards could be misinterpreted. But it seems like you took our comments way out of context and were negatively impacted by this. I haven't seen anyone personally attack you, But try to inform you that somethings could very easily be misinterpreted by the way things have been worded especially for fans of certain groups. Even if you didn't mean them this way, there is still a chance for it to be interpreted as such since everyone does so differently. I apologize if I have upset you in anyway, I was merely trying to help you realize that people could take things completely different than how you meant them to be. πŸ™
@xxgummybear92xx @micmallow if your comments were meant to be helpful they still sound like you're invalidating her pain. It would have been helpful to not say anything (and not continue to comment on her other cards reaffirming any miswording she might have made like gummybear did) She said she needs a break, let her have one. Now shes going to come back to these comments when she just spent a weekend trying to forget about your issues. Just leave her alone please, there could be so many more things happening in her life that you dont understand. Best to just let it be please.
So first off if the name calling and insults are happening through your private messages then I'm so sorry. That's completely and utterly uncalled for. But if you're talking about comments you're being a bit dramatic. Now I haven't looked at all of your cards so I could have missed something but from what I've seen I've seen no hate towards you. I have seen people asking you to be careful of your wording and asking you to make sure you're clear on your cards. That is not hate. You are a vingler that has a lot of influence and because of that you will get criticism. But criticism is not hate it is something that helps us do better. I hope your hiatus helps you clear your mind and come back better than ever. 😊😊😊 We all need a break sometimes. And again if the name calling is happening and private messages then I'm so sorry.
I hope you come back but nobody has directly called you a bad kpop fan, its simply just that certain wordings in your cards could be mis interpreted in different ways, now maybe youve been 'attacked' away from the Vingle comments and im sorry for that but I think you just need to better evaluate thr situations that you think are so negative towards you and look at both sides of the equation. Although this shouldn't happen but you are one of the most popular vinglers, at least a tiny bit of hate is accepted through most likely jealousy.
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