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'Barefoot Friends' has come to a sad end after 7 months. The show has been struggling in its ratings since the beginning, and it's now been reported that the panel filmed their last episode on the 2nd. The last episode will air mid-November. The show first aired in April, aiming for a road variety. However, the panel ended up making a food variety show instead, and the inconsistency made the ratings suffer. 'K-Pop Star 3' with Yoo Hee Yeol, J.Y. Park, and Yang Hyun Suk will take over starting from November 24th
i will miss this show and the celebraties :)
I will miss the show. ;-(
@tyta468 that's true.. at first I thought they were going to travel the world but then they started doing other things like eating food.. I liked the show because it was really funny, it sucks that it's done .
in the beginning this show was really good, but after 10 episodes , they change the format, so after this completely a mess..
</3 :(