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MBC’s new weekend drama “Golden Rainbow” kicked off its first episode on November 2 with a 10.9% viewer rating. This is a full 6.6% lower than the previous drama, “Scandal – A Shocking and Wrongful Incident,” which closed out the show with a 17.5% rating. Just barely recording a two-digit viewer rating, “Golden Rainbow” did not do as well as expected. In the first episode, we see a woman who, after the death of her husband, also loses her child, thought to be dead. In the episode that will air on November 3, we will see everyone ten years later, played by the child actors Kim Yoo Jung (Baek Won), Oh Jae Mu (Seo Do Young), Seo Young Joo, Choi Ro Woon, etc. “Golden Rainbow” is the story of seven orphans who, with a friendship stronger than blood, endure and fight through the trials of life. Eventually, actor Jung Il Woo and actor/singer Uee will make their appearance as Seo Do Young and Baek Won, respectively. Did any Soompiers catch the first episode? What did you think?
I like this movie so far. Was slow at the beginning, but it gets better more interesting when Uee and Jung Il Jung join in. Jung Il Woo can really put a smile on your face.
I saw the first episode yesterday. It was a little slow, but I plan on watching it till the end.