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Lee Seung Ki, who recently joined the highly anticipated “Nunas Over Flowers,” is said to be both excited and nervous about making his variety show comeback after a year and seven months. A representative of the multitalent explained to Newsen on October 1, “Lee Seung Ki truly enjoys variety shows, and he has continuously expressed his will to participate in one. It has been a while since he appeared in a variety program, so he is extremely thrilled but nervous. I can tell that he is half worried and half ecstatic. This is his first time joining a variety show after ‘Strong Heart,’ so it is obviously difficult to stay calm.” Many viewers remember the effort that Na Young Suk PD put into finding restaurants serving Korean food during the first season of “Grandpas Over Flowers,” when the members explored France, Germany, and Switzerland. The representative said, “We heard that there are no Korean restaurants in Croatia. While Lee Seung Ki is not picky about his food, it seems like he has taken the long filming time into consideration. He packed some side dishes made by his mother, so he can enjoy them when he misses Korean food.” The cast and team of tvN’s “Nunas Over Flowers” departed for Croatia on October 31. The first episode will air at the end of November.