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In KBS 2TV M-T drama ‘MHIYD’, Park Seju (played by JYH) is gaining more favorable responses from female viewers than Kim Shin, who is fated to end up with the female lead NMR. The perfect character of PSJ played a part in this. PSJ is working as the maknae of ‘Morning 3 Team’, hiding the fact that he’s the grandson of the YBS CEO. Despite being a handsome chaebol, he’s not arrogant and even protests the layoff plan of his mother(sic) YBS CEO, Lee Miran. When PSJ loves a woman, instead of her looks or background, he considers her personality; he’s also infinitely caring and nice to the woman he likes. Through PSJ, JYH is showcasing an ideal man that women dream of. Certainly, it’s common for chaebol characters to hide their identity in dramas. But PSJ showed the side of undercover boss in the set of broadcast network, adding fresh elements to existing settings. The viewers of ‘MHIYD’ are reacting with words such as “I hope YEH ends up with JYH”, “I didn’t know, but JYH’s acting is good”, “PSJ shines thanks to JYH”, “I wish NMR would accept PSJ’s heart”, and “I want NMR and Seju to have a happy ending”.
so excited for todays epi!!
This is the cutest drama...I can't stand the Kim Shin Character and want the JYH to end up with YEH as well.