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So this next chapter is gonna be crazy so buckle in, because it's gonna be intense.

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WARNING: There is talk of sexual content in this chapter. It isn't horrible but I wanted to give a heads up. 

I hope you enjoy^^

Day 33 | Their Girls

The car ride was silent. All that could be heard were the heartwrenching cries of us in the back. Jung-Yoon had grabbed hold of his mother, sobbing into her arms as she cried. Lisa was crying over Namjoon, not even able to imagine that he was gone. The rest of us did absolutely nothing. It was like we were robots, not expressing any emotions and just staring straight ahead of us. 

Bomi had grabbed onto my sleeve, trying her best not to let her tears fall like the others. I in turn grabbed her hand, hoping that I could help her in some way. I wanted to be able to say that everything would be all right but that would be lying. We had no idea where they were taking us and I could only imagine the worst. 

The group only took the girls and the kids which could only mean one thing. And it wasn't pleasant. I tried to shake the thought from my mind but I knew that it was going to happen. 

After what seemed like an eternity, the car suddenly came to a slow, stopping. We all immediately became alert, ready to fight and show them that we were strong. But when they opened the doors, it was like that strength disappeared. All we could see is men. Dozens of them. They started to cheer and whistle at us as a few of them dragged us out of the car. 

I managed to remain calm but a few of the others weren't as easy to take. Lisa fought her way through, trying to kick the guy grabbing her but eventually he grabbed hold. Irene tried to bite the man that was holding her and in return she got a slap across the face. The sound was deafening, making her blank. Krystal stayed as I was, calm and blank. Bomi and Jung-Yoon just sobbed, not even willing to fight the strange men trying to grab them.

But the worst of them all was Eun-Min. She screamed at the man grabbing her and fought with all her might. We watched as she struggled to get out of his grasp, refusing to give in. But when the man slapped her to try to get her to be quiet, she revolted. She kicked him her leg behind and he let go of her in shock. She ran from his arms and tried to reach Jung-Yoon when the man in charge stood in her way.

"Ah, ah, ah." He tsked, waving his finger at her as if she was a child behaving wrongly. "Can't have any defiance from you girls. But you just can't seem to get that, can you?" He asked, studying her. The last thing he expected however was that she would spit straight in his face.
"Go to hell," She hissed, wanting to kill the man who was responsible for her husband's murder. The man wiped his face and flashed her a wicked grin.

"Now, now. Is that anyway to treat your new boo?" He said, walking ever so slightly closer to her. "Forget the young one. I like you." He whispered, leaning over to plant a kiss on her neck. She cried at his touch, just want to push him away. And when she didn't retaliate, he grabbed her by the waist, and shoved her body against his. "Come on sweetheart, let's show you to your new room." He said, and the boys howled at his response. He lead the way with Eun-Min unable to fight back. 

We were shoved to follow him as he gave us a tour of the place. It was gigantic. It was a two story wide old hospital with dozens of rooms. The lunch area was filled with people eating and cooking while other things could be heard done the hallway. Screams. 

It was haunting to my ears, knowing that this place was horrifying. It sent shivers down my spine at every guy who passed a glance at us, making my heart beat out of fear. But what I didn't expect was to be brought to an open room. The door swung open and there were other girls in the room, wearing disheveled and torn clothing and looking as if they hadn't taken a shower in weeks. They threw all of us in there expect Eun-Min. The man in charge had other plans for her. 

We landed hard on the ground, and when the door closed behind us, we knew we were doomed. What we didn't expect however was the other people in the room to start helping us. They were gentle, as if knowing exactly what we were going through. They helped us with our wounds and gave us some of the water from one of the sinks. There were about 20 of us in total, and it was terrifying seeing the others so discouraged. 

It's like we were forced to accept our fate. That there was no way out. It was only a while later that they started to talk to us. We told them what had happened and they looked at us with understanding. 

"The same thing happened to my group," One of them said to me. "They took my older sister and I and made us watch as they killed my brothers and parents." She whispered.

"I am so sorry," I comforted, wanting to not have her recall such a memory. She glanced up at my words and tried her best to force a smile. 

"Thanks." She replied, and then stuck her hand out for me to shake. "My name is Jeon Somin. What is yours?" I gently grabbed her hand, and shook it in sync with mine.

"Kim Avri." I said, letting go. "That is Krystal over there. Irene and Lisa are over there in the corner and the two young ones are Bomi and Jung-Yoon." I explained, showing her the others. She nodded lightly, trying to remember the others. 

"There a lot of us here but my older sister, the one I was telling you about, is over there. Her name is Hara. Goo Hara." She pointed to the girl, comforting one of the others crying and I couldn't help but notice that these two girls were beautiful. I nodded, indicating that I could see her.

"You two really look alike," I said and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Yeah, considering we are step-siblings, the resemblance is uncanny. But despite that we are like real sisters. I couldn't imagine life without her," She whispered, her smile fading. I wanted to ask her what that was about but when the door opened, I was interrupted.

Two men came in, surprising all of us. Somin suddenly grabbed my arm, making me worried at what these guys wanted. But when they looked around the room and picked two girls I did not know, the girls fought as hard as they could. However, the guys were too strong for them and soon enough their screams could be heard outside closed doors. Somin let out a heavy sigh and let go of my sleeve.

"What was that about?" I asked, noticing how the atmosphere in the room had suddenly changed. She slowly met my eyes before responding.

"Everyday, some of the guys come and pick out some of the girls. They are gone for a while before they come back a-and-" She choked, tears starting to surface. She swallowed them back down, before continuing. 

"W-We have to do what they say. Or we get beat." She whispered. her arms tightening around her legs as she pulled them closer to her chest. My eyes widened in response. I immediately knew what she went. They were using us for sex. 

It was like the world had stopped turning as I came to understand. But before I could even have a chance to react, the door opened a second time to reveal another man. He was more burly than the other two and had a scar across his brow, looking menacing. He glanced around the room at the scared women before him and when his eyes landed on someone my heart started to race.


He went to grab her and she started to fight in response. Not knowing what to do, I did the one thing I could. I quickly rose from where I was sitting and yelled.

"S-STOP!" I screamed, a sudden courage coming into my voice. The man halted his actions and turned to look at me, intrigued. "T-take me instead." My voice cracked, terrified at what I was doing. There were gasps around the room and wide eyes at what I was doing. I started to guess that the girls didn't usually do that for each other. 

He quickly let go of my younger sister and she fell to the ground with a thud. The man walked over to me and smirked. "Well since you seem so eager, I guess I can make an exception," He said, grabbing hold of my wrist as he started to lead me out the door. I turned to look at the her and despite the horrified look on her face showing how I was feeling at the moment, I gave her the best smile I could, a tear gently rolling down my cheek. 

The door closed behind us and I was just thankful that I could at least save her.

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God damn it!!! These assholes need to stop what they're doing!! You're in the middle of the god damn apocalypse!! Just put your dicks away and stop being so god damn horny, and worry more about surviving!! Hehe cX I felt like I had to say that in a heated way cx
*throws phone across room* why?!?!? THEY NEED TO BE SAVED BY THESE MOLESTERS!!! I SWEAR!! TBH if that ever happened to me and the guy said "suck my dick" I would bite his dick off!! Lmao!! I have to dirty of a mind!! JIMINIE AND TAE NEED TO SAVE OUR ASSES FROM THEM!! I can't with this fanfic!🤧🤧🤧
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These comments are gold tho 'I'd bite his dick off' 'put your dick away!' I hope they Avri gets saved by Jimin and the others get saved by Tae because Avri needs to realize that Jimin loves her. Also THEY NEED TO PUT THEIR DICKS AWAY BEFORE THEY GET BIT OFF
i know u can make me a character and have me help them get out and then kill me off when they get out lol 😂
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i approve lol
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