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Scrolling through facebook and seen two clips of LuHan and Yixing together. Every little EXO-L is going nuts about it. I think its great seeing them together, In Public. I think everyone's been keeping in touch just not so publicly, you know what I mean? With the lawsuits between LuHan, Tao, and Kris, I think they just kept it low key but now that its all done and over, they're starting to coming out into the light to show they are all still friends. No hard feelings, maybe. SeHun was close with LuHan, that was his bestie until Xiumin stole him away. But we shall see in the coming days.

(I hope the videos can be played. I'm on my desktop, so its a little different format than on my phone)

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There's also the fact that Kris was seen owning a few EXO albums, before he took the picture down off his Instagram