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Welcome back Monbebes! It's great to see you all again!

As some of you may know, Monsta X's 2nd Anniversary is coming up! So together, we arranged for a countdown event!

Let's look at the themes!

May 7th - Why You Love Each Member

Write about a paragraph saying how much each of the seven members mean to you. The first day is a heartfelt one~

May 8th - Favorite Music Video and Why

Tell us which Monsta X MV has been your favorite so far, and why! It'll be interesting to see which Music video is most popular!

May 9th - Favorite Hairstyle for Each Member

Whether it's Wonho's Blue tips or his black slicked back hair, let us know on this day!

May 10th - Song That Deserves an MV

Which Monsta X song do you think should get its own MV? Let us know!

May 11th - First Impression of the Members

Whether you were right or not, we're curious what you thought of the members at first! Did you hate I.M for joining late on No.Mercy? Did you love him because you felt bad? Spill it all~

May 12th - Favorite Dance

Which dance of theirs is your favorite? It'll be exciting to see which one is most popular!

May 13th - Date with Your Bias

On this day, tell us about what your ideal date with your Monsta X bias would be like~ If you have more than one bias, that's okay too! You can either choose one, or tell us about your ideal dates with all of your biases!~

May 14th - Day with Monsta X

On the day of Monsta X's anniversary, celebrate by telling us how you would spend 24 hours with them if you got the chance!

Firstly, Thanks so much to @MaeLyn for making the Countdown photo~ That was a big help!

I hope some of you will participate! Thanks so much for supporting Monsta X~

☆ Champion Mod Squad: ☆

♡ Beautiful Monbebe Taglist: ♡

If you would like to be added or removed from the taglist, let me know in the comments!~

Note: None of the photos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^
This is going to be fun 😆
I think so too! 😁 I'm excited!
I will be joining this!
Awesome! I'm excited!
No problem man hahahaha