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Hello Universe! It's Melissa with Yeo One Thursday! For this week, we are sharing our favorite performances. Here are some of mine. Let's get started...
Pentagon Maker: Team Hui Cover song 'When I see you again' Amazing job on this cover. I like how they made it their own Style.
Pentagon Debut Stage Performance. This was the Performance that got me into Pentagon. Debut Song Guerrilla!
Pentagon Comeback Stage Performance Music Core. 'Can You Feel It' I loved this performance. They look like princes in the red uniforms.

Well that's all for this week's Yeo One Thursday. I hope you enjoyed it. Do you have a favorite Pentagon Performace?

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I love love Love the see you again cover, especially the harmonies at the end! Its super amazing and it showcases their talents really well!!! These are all amazing performances!
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@awkwardjazzy Thank you! I also think that cover showcased their talents
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