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We've caught up to Revelry!! Part 35 matches up to Revelry Introduction. I'm so glad that you guys are liking this and can now look forward to the otherside of the Revelry story when Jak and Jiyong show up in Revelry.

Sorry for the delay's - my physical body has caught up to my emotional/mental status and I've been under the weather.


PS. Jak and I (along with @pharmgirlerin and @tinytreeleaf all have tickets to see GDragon in concert in Seattle in July! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! So excited - I can't wait to see Jak's reaction - I'll have to post it for all of you lol.

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So fun to see it all come together. And soon I'll get to see "Jak" see JiYong in person for the first time!
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