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Hello Vingle Fam-

I decided to make this card to talk a little about some of the great songs I can't seem to stop listening to right now.

A majority of these songs are fairly recent releases but there are a couple older ones on the list as well. For whatever reason, these songs are constantly on repeat at the moment. Just ask my roommate @LemonLassie... She'll tell you which ones she's absolutely sick of hearing by now *cough Winner cough*

*The following songs are in no particular order


Starting off the list is ASTRO, a group who recently finished their rookie year with the release of their 4th mini album Winter's Dream in February. The song of theirs I can't get out of my head is the title track off that album, called "붙잡았어야 해 (Again)". Unfortunately, a music video was not released for this song despite the fact it is indeed the title track off the album. However, they did release a dance practice video and it's pretty great.

I'm really enjoying the more mature sound of this song compared to the bubbly nature of their previous title tracks, as well as sadder, more serious mature vibe. I love their older stuff, but this song showcases the growth of the group and shows that despite the young ages of the members (Maknae is 17), their sound is maturing gradually as the members themselves continue to do so.

The song is still just as catchy as thier previous releases but it has a new feel to it that I really can't get out of my head. I have the song on repeat as I'm making this card.

If you enjoyed this song and want to know more about ASTRO, you can check out their great Vingle Community >>>HERE<<<


Next up is Highlight, the group formerly known as BEAST. Some of you probably know that I am complete and under trash for BEAST/Highlight and that I mod for the BEAST community, so it should be no surprise that I have "Plz Don't Be Sad" stuck in my head pretty much daily. This song is the title track off of Highlight's debut album, released in March of this year.

There are three versions of the MV; performance version, Smile version and the original (seen below) as well as a dance practice video, so feel free to check them all out.

This song is so darn fun and catchy man! I can't help but sing along and dance my little heart out. This is so my jam.

I'm honestly really happy to see Highlight release such a strong debut album and single and pretty much blow the socks off of all the people who said they couldn't be successful without Cube. To date, "Plz Don't Be Sad" has collected 8 wins on music shows, including Music Bank (3 wins), Inkigayo (1 win), Mcountdown (2 wins), Show Champion (1 win) and The Show (1 win). The song has also won the Melon Popularity Award 5 weeks in a row, with the most recent win this past Monday.

The entire album is filled with amazing songs so I HIGHLY recommend giving it a listen if you haven't already.

If you want to learn more about Highlight/BEAST, you should join us over in the BEAST community >>>HERE<<<


The third song I'm totally in love with at the moment is "Goodbye" by 2NE1. This track ushered in the end of 2NE1 as a group. The trio (formerly a quartet) officially disbanded in November of 2016 but released one final song in January 2017 as a way to honor the moments and memories they shared with each other and their fans. The song was written about member Minzy's departure from the group last year, by the group's leader CL and was originally intended to appear on the group's long-awaited comeback album, but instead became their final goodbye.

*You can watch with CC on if you're interested in what the lyrics mean.
Though this song is sad and painful to many many fans around the world, it's also beautiful in a real-to-life tragedy sort of way. As a Blackjack (fandom name), it took me a long time to actually be able to listen to the song again after the initial release. 2NE1 was my first girl group and I will continue to think of them as the Queens of Kpop. They meant a lot to me and I kept the candle burning in my heart for that ill-fated comeback.

Now that I am able to listen to the song and actually enjoy it for the beauty with which it was crafted and not the heartbreak it represents, the song actually brings me a certain amount of joy. It reminds me of all those wonderful years that 2NE1 existed, of all the fabulous music they gave us, the barriers they broke and it perfectly illistrates the unique vocal qualities that 2NE1 was known for. I stan talent and these ladies are talented AF.

If this songs moved you, then check out the 2NE1 Community >>>HERE<<<


Th next song blowing my mind right now is "아름다워 (Beautiful)" from MONSTA X. This song and album are the final installment in the group's The Clan Trilogy, which unfolded over the past year. The song was released on March 21, 2017 and the visuals alone are killer. If you haven't yet fallen into the MX rabbit hole, I suggest you hold onto your hat and start clutching your pearls.

The vocals on this track ugh, just... *insert gutteral "YUSSSSS!!!"* The whole song is just... velvety smooth and so very satisfying. From the arrangement to the lyrics; I love it all. The rapping is super on point and the Maknae I.M decided to cause me trouble this comeback. Beyond all of that, the one thing that stands out to me most is Kihyun's vocals. His falsetto is especially gratifying.

With each comeback MONSTA X continues to excite and impress me. This song is so much YUSSSS! If you agree, then you should head on over to the MONSTA X Community and take a look around >>>HERE<<<


Easily the most underrated group on this list is B.I.G. I'm hoping their recent comeback with "1.2.3 (원투쓰리)" will garner them a little more recognition because they are great! This song was released in early February and the live stages were pretty enjoyable to watch on music shows. B.I.G is a five-member group but their main rapper Minpyo is on hiatus due to medical reasons. Check out the MV and let me know what you think.
Aside from the colorful, fun visuals in the video as well as the monkey, this song has a lot going for it. First of all, it's a lot of fun. It makes me want to dance or race a car or something... maybe go rollarblading. Second, the vocals and rap are fantastic! I love how they pronounce the word "closer" as "Clozer". Something about that delights me greatly. The rap towards the end is well crafted and has an enjoyable style to it. Considering B.I.G was down a member, I really think they did an awesome job with this comeback.

They've been around since 2014 and I'm betting a majority of you haven't heard of them before, am I right? Unfortunately, they do not have a community here on Vingle, but if you think there should be one, you can let Vingle know >>>HERE<<<

Wanna know more about B.I.G? Check out the MV for their song "Aphrodite" >>>HERE<<<


The second girl group with a song constantly repeating on my iTunes is TWICE, with their latest single "Knock Knock". These ladies from JYP are burning up the charts, breaking all the records and winning all the awards, which honestly does not surprise me. They keep putting out super fun, catchy songs and I just can't get enough of them. I've been falling in love with them for a while and with each comeback, I fell a little more in love.

"Knock Knock" has earned 10 music show trophies and 5 consecutive Melon Popularity Award wins to date.
I'm generally not a fan of really "cutesy" girl groups, but TWICE has the right balence of cute/adorable/loveable without being over the top about it and they still manage to be age appropriate as well.

I am really loving the vocal qualities of all nine members and appreciate the fact that they are different enough that each can be identified and seems necessary to complete the unit. The song itself is a lot of fun. This is another one that makes me want to get up and dance... or just have a slumber party and pillow fight with eight of my closest gal pals. Overall, this song just makes me happy and that's a wonderful thing.

Vingle has a fab TWICE Community, which you can check out >>>HERE<<<


HONESTLY, HOW HAVE I WAITED THIS LONG TO GUSH OVER THIS SONG???? That song would be "Movie" by the abso-fricken-lutely FABULOUS group known as BTOB, who also happen to be my bias group. This song was released exactly 2 months ago on March 6th and it's been playing in my head ever since.

BTOB is one of those groups who happen to be so talented you seriously ponder how one company managed to find all of the members and then had the audacity to put them all into one group. They're also the type of group who somehow manage to be considerably underrated despite all of the aforementioned talent oozing out of their pores. On top of that, every member is extra as hell. So basically they are fabulous in every single way and if you haven't yet given them a listen, it's about time you should.
I don't exactly know where to start on this one, cause clearly I love EVERY SINGLE THING about the song, but here goes:
1. VOCALS!!!! BTOB is known for their incredible vocal abilities. The group consists of 4 vocalists and 3 rappers, but all 7 of the members can sing and they do so regularly. This song shows off the awesome vocal abilities of our vocal line and allows Main Rapper Ilhoon to show us a little of the vocal stylings he tends to keep under wraps.
2. RAPPING!!!! Now there are only three rappers in BTOB, but ALL the members can rap and they do so behind the scenes and on variety shows frequently. As for the rap line, they have some pretty memorable lines in "Movie" and each member's own unique style is able to shine during their verses.
3. The song is a fun, feel good piece filled with funk! Ilhoon wrote the song and he did not disappoint.

"Movie" earned BTOB a win on Show Champion, their first music show win in almost a year.

Now as mentioned previously, BTOB is so extra. In order to demonstrate this, I thought I would include a live performance of "Movie" from Show Music Core last month.
So, clearly my bias is showing, but for good reason. If you want to know more about these precious and talented dorks, check out the BTOB Community >>>HERE<<<


This next one is a throwback; all the way to 2011. It's INFINITE's "BTD (Before the Dawn)" and it's AMAZEBALLS! INFINITE has been around for a long time and in general they are a force to be reckoned with.

If you are new to INFINITE, you are in for a real treat as I chose the dance version of the MV. You see, INFINITE is known for their precision or "knife-like" dance skills. The MV is simple but the choreo is soooo good! One of the point moves for this song is called the "scorpion dance" and it has been copied by countless groups over the years. It's actually a move created by Hoya, the group's main dancer. See if you can spot it.
One of the things that gets me immediately is the combination of Sungjong's (blondie) high, breathy falsetto and Sungyeol's (tall bean) deeper husky tone during the "Why, why why?" part leading into the chorus. It's enough to give me chills. The electronic instumentain paired with strings is so well done that I can't. I don't think that even makes sense but that's just how it is.

There's this sense of urgency to the song and it seems a little strange as a dance track, but it works so well. Each member has a distinct voice and the way in which they layer them and harmonize is superior to many. The group's rappers, Dongwoo and Hoya really add additional layers to the song with their individual style and delivery. L and Woohyun round out the vocal line, again building layers. Now, I am completely biased here and I will be the first one to admit that as the group's leader Kim Sungkyu is one of my UBs, but HIS VOCALS, JUST OMG!!!! I could go into more detail but that would unleash the fangirl and she is sometimes hard to contain so I will just leave it at that.

If you happen to think INFINITE is as fabulous as I do, you should join us in their community here on Vingle. Just click >>>HERE<<<


I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this next song performed live a couple weeks ago when B.A.P stopped in town on their world tour. The song is "Wake Me Up" and it hit me in the face like a truck the moment I first heard it.

The song was released as the title track on the album "Rose", in March of this year. The subject relates to mental illness and various forms of mental illness are depicted in the MV, along with social commentary, which B.A.P has never been shy about expressing. This track hit close to home for many and was seemingly inspired by Leader Bang Yongguk's own battle with anxiety.

I fell into the B.A.P rabbit hole around a year ago and I binged watched their MVs in a matter of hours. I own almost as many B.A.P albums as I do BTOB albums (which is saying something) and I really am a huge fan, but this song... this song resonates deep within me from the very. first. note.

Each member's vocals are so well arranged and harmonized that if you took away the music, I would still get goosebumps. They've released amazing songs before, but in my opinion, the arrangement and composition are unlike anything they've done previously. It's clear a lot of care and thought went into the creation and production of this song. The musicality and instumentation is quite effecting with subtle nuances; which I continue to notice more of with continued listening. Bang's low, raspy growl of a voice (which is often dripping a sexy quality) is so perfectly placed and complimentary it's almost as if his voice alone is one of the instruments laced into the track.

Main Vocal, Daehyun's range really heightens the piece and both Jongup and Himchan's line distribution allows them to shine in a manner they don't often get to. I appreciate the emotion each member portrays during their lines. There have been multiple nights I've put this song on repeat as I slept and I'm already thinking I'll be falling alseep to it tonight.

If you're digging "Wake Me Up", you should take a look a the B.A.P Community >>>HERE<<<


Congratulations! If you're still for some reason reading this long and really random card, you've made it to the very last entry on the list of Songs I'm Completely Obsessed With At The Moment. Your reward for lasting all the way to the end is finding out what song rounds out the list and the reasons why I can't seem to shake it no matter how hard I try (honestly, I gave up trying about a week ago).

And the lucky last song is... "Really Really" by WINNER. This was released just a month ago and has earned WINNER five music show wins to date. It's the first comeback for the group as a quartet, after their Maknae and Main Vocal Nam Taehyun left the group in November due to health reasons. Despite ALL of the INCREDIBLE songs listed above, this one is probably the one I'm most obsessed with currently. Let's find out why.
Are you all ready for story time... (the 0.5 people who may still be reading this)? Well, here is the story about how I fell into the WINNER rabbit hole.

For me, and probably many of you, I get into new groups in one of two manners. I either fall head over heels down the rabbit hole, hitting every root, bramble and branch on the way to the bottom. This results in binge-watching EVERY MV, learning all the members, listening to the complete discography, reading everything about them I can possibly find and at the very least, starting some sort of TV series of which said group is the focus, all within a few hours to a couple of days depending on circumstances. The second manner in which I discover groups is gradually over an extended period of time. WINNER is one of those groups.

I learned about WINNER after falling in love with BIG BANG. This was about three years ago. I never fell down the WINNER rabbit hole, but gradually over time I became familair with them and would say I was a casual fan. I didn't seek out their music but I would listen to it when it came on. I knew two of the members, Song Mino and Nam Taehyun. I had no clue who the other members were. Mino became my bias and he has been my WINNER bias for two years.

Now fast forward to two weeks ago. I purposely had avoided watching the MVs for "Really Really" and "Fool", avoided hearing the songs after they were released, avoided WINNER as much as possible. If I'm being honest, I was still bitter about Taehyun's exit. I kept seeing things on Vingle and Youtube about the comeback and how good it was but I still avoided it. Perhaps my subconscious knew I wasn't ready to fall for WINNER yet so it was keeping me safe inside my casual fan status. I did finally sit down and decide to watch the "Really Really" MV because, well.... everyone else was doing it so I might as well check it out.

That was a huge mistake.

The song immediately had me grooving and the song was stuck on repeat inside my brain and on my computer for days. DAYS! And I wasn't complaining. My roomie however was not so pleased. She kept calling me WINNER trash, which how is that even possible since I only knew Mino and didn't even own a single song?

Three nights later I found myself watching EVERY single live stage of "Really Really", while hunched over my computer, in the dark, with headphones on as my roommate slept on the couch behind me. From there it went into other videos from variety shows to reality TV. I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to find @LemonLassie sitting up staring at me, calling me WINNER trash but every time I checked she was fast asleep.

By the time we both arrived home from work the next day, I knew all the members by name and could tell them apart by vocals alone. I bought the "Really Really" digtal single and pretty much played it non-stop for days. In addition to fully falling down the rabbit hole, I encounted a pesky problem. His name is Kim Jinwoo.... Remember how I said Mino has been my bias for the past two years? It seems Jinwoo had other ideas.

So what exactly is it about this song that turned me into a binge-watching, parnoid weirdo? I think the vibe of the song has a lot to do with it. It's so chill and laid back. It's the perfect summer, beach song, vacation song, road trip or even napping in a hammock song. It's groovy and mellow and I kind of just want to be relaxing poolside whenever it comes on. When it's playing, I'm instantly smiling and dancing like the idiot I truly am.

On top of that, the vocals are quiet something. I think I've fallen in love with Jinwoo and Seungyoon's vocals as well as Seunghoon's rapping. I was already a fan of Mino's (also MOBB is a thing and "Body" OMG). I love the lyrics and by that, I mean the actual words and how they sound. ESPECIALLY Jinwoo's chorus parts. There really just is a vibe and feel to this song I happen to find completely and utterly delightful.

Not going to lie, I lowkey know about 75% of the choreo from just watching live stages and after only three days I knew almost all of the lyrics and still I was denying how far into the hole I really was.

If you're curious about WINNER and need a push down the rabbit hole, click >>>HERE<<<< to enter their community.

Well folks,

That's it. You made it! For some reason you've read the entire card. For that I thank you and also apologize for the length. Anyway, it's 6am so I'm heading to bed. Goodnight all!






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@sukkyongwanser @xoxorittie @KwonOfAKind @YessicaCardenas I can't believe you read the entire card! This was the product of staying up way too late and having all of the songs battle it out for my attention. Thank you for humoring my ramblings.
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YESS! I love ASTRO so much. Lemon and I got to see them at KCON LA last year and I'm so happy we did. I had a heart moment with Sanha which just made my year. I was actually planning to make an ASTRO card soon.
I love a lot of these songs some I haven't heard of but gotta check em out thx if you have anymore suggestions plz do tell and tag if I'm not already lol
You are welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed this super random card. Question, would you like to be added to my general taglist or just for certain things?
Don't even get me started with freaking Twice and Winner lol #ImActualTrash 💕💕😤😤
Haha. I don't know if I feel I have earned the title of WINNER trash just yet, but apparently I'm headed in that direction. As for TWICE, I am so in love! Momo high-fiving me at KCON last year started something.
I love all but 2 of these songs and have them all! And obviously have binge watched every single one. Especially BTD since that is my UB group and my UB Dongwoo is in there. But thank you so much for including B.I.G! I've been with them since debut and they're so good but so underrated! So hopefully your card will shine more light on these amazing boys!
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I love them too. Lol yeah I do and I am sure you know my immense love for Infinite to an extent, since not many know just how deep my love for them runs and why lol, so yeah you and I could go on for days and days about our love for Infinite
I will have to say, I have 6 out of the 10 songs on repeat too! They are so addicting!
Yes they are!
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