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Oh my gosh!!! This takes me WAAAAAYYY BACK!!! xD


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Jimin's favorite movie is the Notebook?! 😚 How adorable!! 💙💕 And Kookie & Rap Mon have the same favorite. 🖤 This is so cute. It's finally happening! They are getting big here! 😄
Haha this was so cute right ?! 😂😊 And same!! So proud of our boys!! 😄
This Magazine takes me back~ I'm gunna buy just for this lol
Hahha tbh i was thinking the same thing! 😂😂
Can I just say it's adorable that jimin's fav movie is the notebook 😆😆😆😆
Right ?! Haha he's such a romantic! 😊😂
Wow I remember I used to be so obsessed buying magazines like this even though some were pricy but I am so buying this magazine I'm going to the nearest store that sells them lol. I'm so happy about this. Vs message to readers is welcome to BTS 😂😂😂 he so cute our cutie predicting the future hehehe
i remember reading these magazines when I was younger........ BTS is going places that's for sure 😄😏😙 LOVE BTS
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