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I am so behind. I wanted to put this chapter up like days ago... but you know, work and stuff~ 😭😂 Anyways, let's get this started. Here's a surprise POV :D So Enjoy~ Missed the beginning?

-Jimin- -12 years ago- I was sitting in the living room with my mother, when there was a knock on the door. I seen my father get up, at first there was small talking then to yelling and the door slammed “Jimin go upstairs.” My father said sternly, I nodded as I walked up. I never knew what was going on with father, nor did I bother, all I knew was the he was with a gang. I opened the door to my room, I looked at all the things I had, I looked to the photo that was on my stand to see my best friends.

Then I heard it, the gunshots. I ran straight to my sisters room, I went to her bed but she wasn't there. “Min-ah?” I whispered yelled. I heard someone downstairs saying to burn the house down, so I knew I had to get her and myself out.

"O-oppa" I heard a her crying, and ran to her closet. "Come on Minhee, we have to go." I said to her smelling smoke coming from downstairs. "I'm scared" she said holding onto me. "It's okay I'm here." I said we ran down the stairs to the first floor where everything was burning, I heard a crash behind us. "JIMIN!!" She yelled as I pushed her out the door, the floor underneath me collapsed as I fell. -12 years later- "Sir?" I opened my eyes to see Jungkook and Namjoon standing in front of me. "What is it?" I asked sitting up in my chair. "We found her." Namjoon replied. "Where is she?" I asked hoping that she was fine and well. They said nothing "well?" I asked. "She's been adopted into the Park family." Jungkook said. my heart dropped, that damn family had to adopt her, she with him. "Hoseok hyung wants to see you" Namjoon said as I nodded, and followed them to our leader's office. This has got to be good.

“Where's Jin” I asked noticing that he was the only one not here.

“He said his girlfriend he met in California is in town, and went to see her.” Yoongi replied I nodded. I forgot about that.

“Okay, so we noticed there's an exo lurking around our territory,he's somewhere near the main warehouse, we should try and get him.” Hoseok said. We all agreed and left.

We spotted him sneaking back, I grabbed a gun and shot towards where he was, Jungkook ran up and clocked him in the head with his gun.

“Tie him up and take him back.” I said looking around to make sure nothing else happened.

“Well, we know Baek and one of their other men was there that night when we we burned down their safe house, we'll have to just offer him something.” Hoseok said looking over some paperwork.

“He's waking up boss.” Namjoon said standing up.

“Good, lets go have a visit.” He said getting up too.

“Well, isn't it Byun Baekhyun, EXOs bomb specialist right?” Hoseok asked, he looked over at me, I remember him, we all used to be friends when we were younger…

“What we're doing around on these parts?” Hoseok asked. Baekhyun remind silent, Hoseok nodded to Jungkook as he punched him in the face.

“I'm not going to ask again.” He said sternly, he still remained quiet. Jungkook punched him the stomach, he grunted and held his own as he fell. Hoseok laughed “he managed to get his hands free.” He said pulling him up. “I have a proposition for you.” He said

What kind of proposition?" Baekhyun asked. "To take down EXO once in for all... but you are going to help us do it." Hoseok said. "I'll never do that, why would I want to help you?" He scoffed and looked away. "Look Baek, we'll leave you alive... and your little friends, you see... we already know about your little friend that helped you that night." He said."We'll break the walls, this will cause an attack on your behalf, it'll be your last supper per say... then we'll come in and take everyone." He continued. "How will you get in?" He asked. "You of course, you'll shut down everything, it'll make it easier for us to… sneak in." Yoongi said. "If you don't do it Baek... well just kill you now, and we'll just march in, and kill everyone in sight.” Namjoon said. I heard him sigh. "Don't hurt her." He said looking back up to Hoseok. "She's everything to me." I admitted. "Oh? He is a she... well isn't this grand." Hoseok smiled. "My word, she must be something, I want her as well. Make sure she's there." He said.

I seen as Baekhyun nodded his head.

“That's good, Tae, Namjoon dump him off on the borderline.” Hoseok said leaving.

After they left I was in my room thinking, Jin came in after awhile and sat down.

“How was visiting your girlfriend?” I asked. He nodded

“Great, but I hate to have to lie to her.” He said.

“I know but we have too.” I only said. He nodded and left. I laid down in my bed. Slowly dozing off.

--Few days Later--

“Okay so I got the lay out of the house, their main meeting room is here, we just have to send a “tip” that we're going to be attacking, it's the only time we'll get them together.” Taehyung said making marks on the blueprint.

“Baekhyun will go and turn the alarms off, so we'll have the other boys and march in there, I'm thinking of getting one of JYP’s boys to help us. I know they want EXO out of here. So that'll definitely help.” Namjoon said, grabbing his phone to text someone.

“When will we get this going?” I asked.

“A week from now.” Hoseok said. We all nodded and went off to get ready.

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