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Hello Royal Family! It is Suki here with Boys Republic Saturday. So I wanted to do something different for today. I want to do a little story board for each member. I hope you enjoy these.
Let's start with our wonderful leader OneJunn!
In this story board, you can see him playing the guitar and writing his wonderful music to bring to you. You see the fun side of him as his is drinking an enlarged coke, making you laugh. And then you have to romantic side of him, with the rose in his mouth. He is a wonder person all around.
Next we have a rapper and dancer.....Minsu!
You see him taking care of his skin, getting ready to go out in the morning. You have the picture of him with the unbelief that you all came to see him and for him to entertain you. Then you have the relief that it all went well and he is drinking his refreshement after a long day of work and saying good bye to his fans.
Next we have a vocalist....Sunwoo!
You have the cute, pink cat ears and the expression of him looking at someone yelling "Oppa Saranghae!", as she is running towards him on stage. Then you have the look on his face that smirk of when we are done you are going to get it.
Next we have another rapper and dancer.....Sungjun!
He has that peek-a-boo eye, teasing you. Stop teasing! You have him recording a video to send to you about how much he misses you and can wait to see you and hold you. He is so sweet.
Now for the final member the vocalist and maknae......Suwoong!
The maknae of the group lears you in with this heart fingers and the gaze of his eyes saying, hello come and visit. You have the cute side of him with his peace sign telling you not to go, as he looks into your eyes with his smiling eyes.
Well this is all I have. Please comment and let me know what you thing, if I should do another one or no never again. I hope did enjoy these, till next time stay Royal!

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Awesome idea! I love it ❤
Thank you!