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So... post-707-route Yooran is my new favorite Mystic Messenger thing, so I wanted to share the fic that got me into it! It's so fluffy and adorable and basically everything I want for Saeran! ♡ Also cute kitten action!

Credit to 6am; source HERE. Please follow the link and drop some kudos if you like it!

Chapter Summary:
Saeran knows that his mind isn't exactly the most trustworthy thing on this horrendous earth, but he knows for sure that dumpsters don't meow.

Dumpster Diving

by 6am

Chapter 1
Saeran likes to walk.

It's been nearly two years since his “liberation” from the hospital and he still can't get enough of the sky at any point in time. He loves the little puffs of clouds that hang around in the dead of summer when he knows that Saeyoung will gripe at him for still wearing a jacket when it's so hot that even Jumin rolls up the sleeves of his dress shirts. (They both know that Saeran is still working on that part, he's only had a few conversations with his brother about trying to find something to cover the tattoo on his arm that isn't something with long sleeves.) He loves the near daily change of barely any clouds to the thick blanket of storm clouds in the spring and the fall, surprising him sometimes even by the hour when he gets bored in the bunker and wanders outside for a few hours after leaving a note on the kitchen counter or on the door of Saeyoung's workroom to let him know that yes, he is going out and yes he does have his phone on him and no he's not going to run off on his own.

That last part had taken quite a bit of talking to get across, and even though at only a few months in Saeran still felt incredibly strange around his brother's girlfriend - no, fianceé - , he had been grateful for her presence and the way she had vouched for him to have some freedom.

He still wonders sometimes if he will ever understand her.

Saeran pulls himself out of his head to take in his surroundings, he hasn't wandered too far yet, but the clouds are getting larger and more angry looking as he meanders through the streets. The street names are vaguely familiar, and at the worst he can pull up the GPS on his phone to guide him home if he can't find a street that he knows better. He strays into an alleyway to smoke before he starts the trek back to the bunker. Saeyoung still gives him shit for smoking even though he's an adult for fuck's sake he can smoke if he wants and no he hasn't had an asthma attack since he was like 12 so shut up.

The younger twin pulls down his sanitary mask to place the cigarette between his lips, leaning back against the wall of the building while he people-watches, enjoying the pleasant buzz thrumming through his chest as he watches people start to scramble when the first few drops of rain start to fall and thunder rumbles in the sky. He scoots a couple steps deeper into the alley to make sure his cigarette doesn't go out as the rain starts to fall steadily, thankful that the smoke is doing a decent job of covering up the smell of the trashcan he's trying very hard not to huddle up against. The menthol is enough to cover the scent of wet garbage, yes, but he's vaguely aware of the weird rustling and squeaking that's coming from somewhere in the dumpster. Saeran holds his cigarette between his lips to dig for his earbuds to try and block out the pitiful mewling that's ruining his smoke break, furrowing his brows with a grump when he finds that he must have left them in his other pants dammit, this stupid meowing-


Saeran knows that his mind isn't exactly the most trustworthy thing on this horrendous earth, but he knows for sure that dumpsters don't meow.


The kitten looks even more pitiful than it sounds. It also smells roughly a thousand times worse.

Saeran keeps an arm curled under his chest where the kitten is currently curled up against his chest, and it cries even louder when he fumbles around while speedwalking in the rain to try and wrestle his phone out of his pocket. He doesn't really know why he had even decided to dig in the trash for this kitten that could fit in the palm of his hand, but his default is to blame Saeyoung's obsession over cats that must've somehow rubbed off on him.

(He knows that isn't true, but it feels weird to recognize that he sees himself in this abandoned kitten left to sit in the trash. He nearly laughs when he thinks about how proud Saeyoung would be at his small breakthrough, he's not ready for that kind of conversation though.)

After finally wrangling his phone from the pocket of his damp jeans and wiping it on his jacket roughly thirteen times, his thumb hovers over his contact list. Who would be the best to call? His brother is out of the question, and Jumin is as well when his mind makes a checklist of all the weird things both of them tend to do when cats are involved. Jaehee and Zen both hate cats, and he'd rather not face her quiet wrath or have to listen to Zen sneeze five times in a row while he complains about his allergy and how his perfect face has been ruined. It's down to Yoosung and MC then... Yoosung is most likely gaming or maybe for once doing his homework now that he's actually trying to succeed in school, but the kid is studying to be a vet and this is definitely a situation for a vet.

MC usually has her phone on her at all times though...

Saeran wipes his phone once more before pressing her contact info and bringing his phone to his ear. It rings once, twice, three times - shit okay she isn't going to pick up is sh-


He sighs in relief, adjusting his hold on the kitten when it starts to try and climb up onto his shoulder. “I uh, I found something.”

“You found something?” She asks, sounding worried. “Are you okay? Do you need me to come get you or anything? Lemme get a hold of Saey-”

Oh shit. Shit. “No!” His face twists when he yells, cursing himself for losing it a little, he can almost see her flinch. “N-no, ah fuck I'm sorry, uh. Don't. Don't call him, I don't want him to freak out.”

She's definitely scrambling on the other end of the line, he can hear her opening the hall closet to look for her raincoat. “Where are you? I-I won't call him yet, but where are you? I'm putting on my shoes now, I can get there soon if you're close... did you sneeze?”

The kitten has successfully peered over Saeran's shoulder and is snuffling at the phone curiously. “It's the kitten,” He says, pulling his jacket over the tiny creature to shield it from the rain. “I'm almost there, call Yoosung if you can get him on the phone.” MC starts to ask what kitten but he hangs up the phone, huffing as he tries to keep the kitten from crawling too far up his shoulder.

“Fucker.” He grumps, then rolls his eyes when all he gets in reply is another pitiful meow.


MC is waiting in the kitchen when Saeran finally gets through the security system, several towels on the counter and the tea kettle warming on the stove. She looks worried as she offers him a towel and helps him take off his soaked hoodie and drapes over one of the kitchen chairs to dry. “I called Yoosung, he said he'll be over as soon... oh my god.” MC looks torn between cooing over the little bundle in Saeran's arm and backing away from the stench. “Oh my god.”

“It was... in a dumpster.” His own nose wrinkles now that there isn't any breeze to help with the smell that's rolling off of the kitten in waves. “Ugh, I'm going to burn this shirt.”

MC pulls her shirt over her nose, then pinches it for good measure. “Okay, let's- ohmygod give it a bath.” She turns to the sink and starts to run the water, letting her hand run under the water to make sure it won't freeze the tiny thing to death before she plugs the drain. “I'm going to get gloves,” She eyeballs the stack of fluffy, clean towels on the counter. “And some... not so nice towels.”

“And an air freshener.” Saeran holds the kitten far from his chest, still scowling at the smell even as the kitten wails at the loss of warmth. He feels a little lost as MC scurries out of the room- does he just plunk it in there? Should he wait for her to come back? For Yoosung to get here? The smell eventually gets to him just enough that he decides fuck it, and turns the water pressure down before very carefully running the kitten under it and gently scrubbing with his thumbs. It squirms and cries for the first few moments, but seems to calm a little at the gentle petting and warm water running down its frail body.

He's gotten most of the chunkiest parts of the garbage out of its fur when his brother's fianceé returns with the rattiest towels she could find with a box of gloves balanced on top. “I couldn't find the Re-breeze, but I think we have candles somewhere.” She shimmies two gloves out of the box and pulls them on before ducking to get into the cabinets under the sink. “And I just got more Pawn yesterday, it's the apple kind.”

The younger twin hands the cat over once the soap has been located, and he wipes his hands on his now ruined shirt before he reaches for the gloves. “We might need the whole bottle.” The security system suddenly pings and starts to drone on about someone at the door, and Yoosung's voice carries through the intercom as he complains about not knowing any Arabic or Italian and please just let him in, somebody. MC is obviously occupied with her hands full of disgusting cat, so Saeran abandons the kitchen for the front door, punching in the twenty-digit code to override the door quickly before he opens the heavy door.

Yoosung is still in his scrubs, and Saeran almost feels bad about possibly calling him out of work-study to help him with this stupid kitten. The blond walks inside quickly, shaking his head like a dog to get the water out of his hair. “You got me right out of work!” He chirps while kicking off his shoes. “I think I looked kinda dumb running here with my scrubs still on, I didn't even think about it!” Saeran waves him over to the kitchen, letting the kid talk as they walk. “MC didn't tell me how little it was, so I grabbed what I could from the office just in case it's too little to eat cat food.” He places a grocery bag on the kitchen counter, but pauses when the stink crawls over him. “Wow.”

“Saeran said it was in the trash!” MC says, shirt still pulled up over her nose. “I think it smells a little better now, I think our sink is going to smell really bad for a while though.” The man in question mumbles an apology, but the brunette shakes her head - positive as always. “I need help washing it though, he's feisty.”

“Oooh, it's a boy?” Yoosung hops up onto the counter beside MC and swings his legs. “Maybe he can have babies with Elizabeth!”

MC laughs, carefully putting the kitten into the shallow pool of water in the other side of the sink. “I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, I don't even know how to check.”

“Not like we could see through the garbage anyway.” Saeran mutters, gently putting his hands around the kitten as it tries to crawl up the side of the sink. He lets MC guide his hands as she lathers the dish soap through its matted fur, too aware of how easily he could crush it or drown it or accidentally snap its tiny neck or leg or-

“Saeran,” MC's voice pulls him out of his head, and she's giving him the same soft look she always does when his thoughts run away on him, he knows that she's smiling just a little under her shirt. “It's okay, its not crying because it's hurt.” She turns her gaze toward the screaming cat in the water. “I think you're just weirded out, huh little baby?” He rolls his eyes so far back in his head he's sure they won't come back, a habit from hearing her talk like that way too often to his brother. Ugh, couples. “You're just so happy Saeran saved you, huh? Teeny little stinky little-”

“Oh my god, shut up.” He groans, and both MC and Yoosung laugh. “You're disgusting.”

Yoosung's eyes are bright with mischief as he leans in towards the sink, scritching the kitten on top of the head with his finger. “No, you're disgusting you teeny widdle stinky widdle-”

The cat meows louder than ever when Saeran groans for at least ten straight seconds.


The kitten is actually pure white underneath all of the trash, much to everyone's surprise, and seems delighted when MC carefully rubs the towel along its tummy. “You almost smell okay!” She beams, bringing its tiny face up to hers, and then immediately recoiling. “Ah... no you don't.” She hands the towel bundle over to Yoosung before peeling off the gloves and throwing them into the trash, keeping her foot on the peddle so Saeran can do the same, and his shirt follows the gloves after a moment's consideration. MC takes it upon herself to go and find another shirt for him, leaving the two men in the kitchen.

Yoosung is carefully inspecting the kitten, running his fingers carefully along its prominent spine and the tiny legs, talking quietly to himself. “Nothing's broken I don't think... but gosh you're skinny though, aren't you? Where did your mommy go, huh?”

Saeran leans against the counter an arm's length from Yoosung- wanting to stay close to the kitten, but even two years after... everything, he's still not exactly keen on touch, and Yoosung is about as clingy as Saeyoung. With how focused he is on the kitten, however, Saeran is pretty sure that he could stand right next to the blond and it wouldn't make a difference. He holds the kitten against his chest as he finagles with his stethoscope, Saeran almost snorts when the little circle takes up most of the kitten's stomach. “A little wheezy... oh.” He lets the tool fall to his chest and lifts the cat up, his brow furrowed as he lifts the tail and takes a long look at what the kitten is working with. Saeran flinches when Yoosung's face lights up and he calls out, “MC! You were right! He's a boy!” There's a whoop from somewhere back in the house, and the kitten yowls in response.

“How old is it?” Saeran asks, crossing his arms over his bare chest.

“Oh! I think he's a-a-about,” He stutters, finally looking over at the younger Choi twin, his cheeks burning bright red as his eyes flit over Saeran's bare chest, over his arms, over the still deep (even after eating at least twice a day for two years, he's still skinny enough to have Saeyoung worry about him and try to load his plate) valley between his pointy hipbones before he ducks his head back to the kitten. “Uh, uh... f-five weeks I think? So uh, he should be able to handle some wet food.” He laughs a little too fast and too high pitched. “Uh, sorry. I didn't uh, know you uhm, took your shirt off.”

Saeran feels his own face heat up roughly twenty degrees, and he crosses his arms tight over his chest. “Uh. Yeah it was... dirty.” He fans his fingers out over his tattoo even though that side is facing away from Yoosung. “...don't stare at me.” He grumbles, biting back the several insults that bubble behind his lips - even if Yoosung is weird, he knows he doesn't need to fight back like he used to, but he does curse MC for taking her sweet time in finding a shirt.

She finally comes back into the kitchen with t shirt in her grasp, blessedly unaware of the incident between her two friends. “Is he too little for us to keep? I know we just washed him off but I'm already a little attached.” She leans in to scratch under his tiny chin, cooing quietly. “And Saeyoung is going to be really excited he sees him.”

“You want to keep it? In the same house as Saeyoung?” Saeran deadpans, running his hand through his hair to settle it back down once the shirt is on and Yoosung can finally look at him without that weird look on his face. “I'd rather not let him abuse it. He's going to lose what little of his mind he has left.”

Yoosung snorts, letting his hands curl around the edge of the counter when MC takes the kitten up to her chest. “I think Saeyoung would do okay, your friend is a vet-in-training, you know! It's not like we can really give him back to momma cat anyway,” He tilts his head and looks at Saeran. “Were there more babies? Oh man, we should go rescue them! Where was he?”

Saeran frowns harder than usual and looks toward his feet, the hand that had been going through his hair cupping the back of his neck. “There were... a couple others. I didn't see a bigger cat anywhere, and... this one was the only one that was alive, though.”

Both MC and Yoosung's faces fall, and MC looks down at the kitten with a devastated look. “Then we have to keep him, he's gotta have a family.” Saeran's heart twists. “Even if we can't keep him forever, we can just watch him for a few days, right?”

Yoosung nods ferociously. “Yeah! I mean, he's wheezing a little when he breathes, but it isn't anything serious, and I can help when I can. The office isn't taking walk-ins right now, but I can try and get you guys at the top of the waiting list. I would take him in, but the dorms don't allow pets.”

“We have to.” MC repeats, coming closer to Saeran. “We can't say no to this little face!” She holds the kitten up to his face, his cloudy green eyes boring into Saeran's minty ones. “Oh pwease, Saeran, even though I'm stinky pweeease keep me!” 'The kitten' says, his tiny arms wobbling as MC moves them with her thumbs. The kitten mewls, then presses its paw onto Saeran's nose.

Saeran rolls his eyes. “Fine. Whatever, please stop using that voice.”


707: CAT

707: CAT


Jaehee Kang: What are you talking about.

707: CAT!!!!!!!!!!!

ZEN: Please don't say that word again.

707: C

707: A

707: T

Jumin Han: If you have taken Elizabeth the 3rd from me again there will be consequences.

Jumin Han: Dire consequences, Saeyoung


707: LOOK!!!!!!

-707 has shared an image.-


707: A GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jaehee Kang: Oh Lord.



“I told you.” Saeran grunts at MC, who's giggling like mad at the group chat, her arm firmly around her fiancé to keep him from launching himself at the kitten curled up in his brother's lap.

Saeyoung had arrived at the bunker not too long after the kitten had been cleaned and inspected by Yoosung - first exclaiming that he was home as he usually does, then immediately asking what had died in the kitchen because the smell was still bad even after three candles had been lit, and now he's almost vibrating on the couch next to his brother, typing frantically in the group and taking pictures.

“Saeran~! Saeran~!! My most wonderful brother!!” Saeyoung cries, grinning like mad as he shoves his face closer to the kitten and ignores Saeran's exasperated reply of “Your only brother.” “I can't believe we have a cat-”

“You're not touching him.”

Saeyoung flops dramatically back onto MC, also ignoring her grunt as he most likely knocks the breath out of her. “But Saaaeraaaann-”

“Babe, calm down a little.” MC wheezes, her nails clicking softly against the screen of her phone. “Don't scare the baby.”




Jumin Han: Good.

ZEN: I actually agree.

Jaehee Kang: Seconded.


-Unknown has entered the chatroom.-

707: BRO

Unknown: can we arrest him

707: BRO!!!!!!!!

Jumin Han: I'll be looking into it.


“Please please pleaseplease let me hold it,” Saeyoung begs, his hands pressed together like he's praying. “Just for a little bit!! I swear on everything I've ever loved I'll be so careful.”

Saeran heaves a sigh bigger than the entire bunker, but very gently scoops the snoozing kitten from his lap. “I swear to god, Saeyoung.” He starts, but he knows too well that his threat is falling on deaf ears when Saeyoung accepts the kitten into his hands with a barely muted squeal.

“Ohmygod.” His hands are surprisingly gentle as he strokes the kitten, his face full of wonder as the kitten snuffles at his fingers before nibbling on them. Saeyoung bites his lip, looking between MC and Saeran. “He's biting me!! Oh my god, I love him.” He hooks one hand under the kittens armpits, the other supporting his bottom as he nuzzles his nose against its fur. “I don't even care that you smell! Beautiful little Elly the Fourth!”

“Uh, it's a boy, Saeyoung.” Yoosung says with a laugh, coming in from the kitchen with a small plate of wet food he had run out to get from the store.

“Ellis the Fourth.” Saeyoung says, and MC snorts.

“Saeran should name him,” She says with a smile, hooking her chin on Saeyoung's shoulder. “He's the one who rescued him.” She looks over at Saeran, still beaming. “What do you think?”

“Yeah!” Yoosung agrees, plopping down on the floor next to the twins' feet, placing the plate of food in the space between the brothers. “I think there'd be a problem if you tried to name him after Elizabeth the 3rd anyway.”

Saeyoung huffs, setting the kitten down next to the plate of food. “You all suck, my genius is never appreciated.”

“'Genius' my ass.” Saeran mutters, and Saeyoung moans about betrayal when MC and Yoosung both laugh. “I don't even know what to call it, I've never had a pet before.”

“So we name him Ellis the Fourth.” Saeyoung says with a very serious nod, which is ruined quickly when MC pinches his side and he yelps.

The only sound for a while is the soft smacking of the kitten while he eats his food, everyone too lost in thought to say much. Yoosung is the first to break the silence, clapping his hands together with a shout. He quickly retrieves his phone from his pocket and snaps a picture of the kitten chowing down, looking incredibly proud as he types as quickly as he can.

-Yoosung★ has entered the chatroom.-

Yoosung★: Everyone!!!!!!

Yoosung★: Please welcome the newest member of the RFA!!!

-Yoosung★ has shared an image.-

Yoosung★: Stinky!!!!!!!!!!

ZEN: what

Jumin Han: This is unethical.

Jaehee Kang: …

MC: He really does stink!!! It's fitting!

Jumin Han: You cannot name such a beautiful creature something so vile.

Unknown: it's... kinda cute

707: u like stinky but you shut down Elly/Ellis the Fourth!!!!!!!

707: u gotta be

707: kitten me

-ZEN has left the chatroom.-

-Jaehee Kang has left the chatroom.-

-Jumin Han has left the chatroom.-

-Unknown has left the chatroom.-

MC: Babe that was just

MC: pawful

707: god i can't wait to marry you

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