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WARNING!: There is talk of sexual content in this chapter and although it is not bad, I wanted to give a heads up!

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Day 35 | Used

This should be the part where I tell you that everything was fine. That everyone from the farm showed up and saved us before that man got to me that day.

But I would be lying. We were not lucky enough for something like that to happen. 

That man had his way with me. It was terrifying and horrible. All I could do was softly cry as he pinned me against the wall of the room, using me however he wanted to.

And the worst part of it all... it was my first time.

It was anything but magical and I could honest to hell say that it wasn't the end. 

It has been two days since they have taken us and I lost count of how many times men have come into the room. Sometimes taking other girls but majority of the time taking me.

Every time they reached for anyone from the farm, I volunteered. It was stupid of me to do so but I couldn't let any one of them get hurt. I wouldn't. So every time I returned from one of the meetings, they would cry and clean me.

Their tears were in place of mine as I had none to give at this point. I was lifeless, just barely getting by. But there was no way I was going to let any one of those grimy men touch my friends or my sister. Over my dead body.

You may think that I am being way too heroic but I beg to differ. I am saving them from the pain, the humiliation, and the abuse that these men are doing to me. I would rather be used a 100 times than to let one of them get taken instead. 

The other girls in the room could not believe what I was doing at all. Somin would cry and help when I got back as well, knowing that there was no way she could stop me. She would yell at me for doing such a stupid thing and I only had one thing to say back to her.

"If I am the only one to come out of this damaged and hurt from my friends and sister, then I call that a victory. I would die for any one of those girls and preventing them from experiencing that, well... that is the least I could do," I told her, trying to flash her a smile as she cried into my shoulder. 

It was hard to believe that we had already been here two days. Part of me was hoping that the guys would burst in at any moment and save us, killing all the men who hurt me and the other girls in this room. 

That I would see Taehyung perfectly fine. That I would see Jimin's dorky smile. That my father would scold me for doing something stupid. 

But with each passing minute in this hell, I could only imagine the worst. That they didn't make it out alive, that they are so beat down that they don't even have the strength to move. I know they would want to save us if they could so I was holding on to hope. 

But, the other girls from the farm started to take things into their own hands. Every time I was gone with a man, they had been planning this whole escape, the other girls in the room in on it as well.

So when I came back one last time, they helped me up and told me what we were doing. How we were going to fight our way out and that either we would make it or we would die trying. 
I could only be shocked at their plans but I couldn't help but join in on this stupid idea. 

It was about time we took this into our own hands.


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