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I love the idea of fusion! The thoughts and personalities of two or more distinct entities can come together to make something entirely new is just a fantastic concept!
My favorite canon fusion in Steven Universe is Smoky Quartz. I always loved Steven's and Amethyst relationship as it blossomed, and was so excited to see what fusion they would make when the smoke cleared at Smoky's debut. The personality they create together is also very similar to my own, and is much more relatable to me than any of the gems are by themselves.
However, I would ADORE seeing a Peridot fusion!! It's time!! Whether it's with Lapis, Steven, or Amethyst, I think Peridot would make a fresh new personality in a fusion that I would love! Plus, any of them have the potential to look AWESOME!

So, what's your favorite fusion? Let me know in your Fusion Friday card!

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Smoky Quartz is my favorite gem cus she looks like me
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Oh really?! That's super cool!
9 months ago