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Okay, so it I recieved the amazing reward of being a Boys Rebublic Spotlight person many many months ago. There had been several complications, but I finally recieved my requested prize and am sooooooo happy!!!
Here is a picture of what I got. I wasn't expecting this much and am soo thankful for MelissaGarza's being willing to go through all the trouble to send this to me!
Okay, so I have recieved a calendar, amazing pens that write smoothly, wooden pencils for my future pencil drawings, a great composition notebook for story ideas, and two stickers. One sticker of the amazing Minsu, and the other with signatures and the BR sign on it!
Once again, thank you MelissaGarza for doing this for me, and I will enjoy it thoroughly!

Signing off,

KDramaKPop1015 ^-^
Your welcome! I'm glad you like your prize for being our Royal Spotlight member 😆 Hopefully you will get it again 😊
So awesome!