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TOP 5 "Who is BTS" Tweets
#1 The Confused
#2 The Lost
#3 The Admirer
#4 The Salty
#5 The Joiner (Welcome to the family)

*all credit goes to the owners

Which one can you guys relate to when you try to show BTS to a non-kpop fan?
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*Taehyung out here looking like a gucci model* same bro samw
7 months agoReply
I love the last one! Guy is already a Taehyung stan after one mv 馃槀
7 months agoReply
that will change jaja
7 months ago
Who is F**k is BTS 馃槀
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it's Wale I believe and yes we do 馃
7 months ago
That last one was funny
6 months agoReply
I died!!! well by May 21 THEY WILL KNOW! WE NEED TO POST RM bid with that rapper... I suck at WESTERN MUSIC how do you spell it... W-h-a-l-e? or is it no "h"? oh well... just so others can see how REAL BTS IS!
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