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Hello bebes. Today is the day for the Knight Kingdom. @jjrockstar is unable to post, so I will be helping and Posting about her bebe, A-Tom. (It works since I have Nakta, and they are in the same kingdom.)

This Weeks theme is Favourite Selcas. I have chosen some of my tops, so they Both will be here.

~ Nakta ~

❧ Believe me NakNak, I see you too. . .

❧ Do you know just how gorgeous you Are Camel?

❧ Cause I don't think you do. . .

໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

~ A-Tom ~

❧ A-Tom. . . Master of the faces

❧ Excusey me but please don't look at me, or I might melt. . .

❧ Floooofffyyyyyyyy: Am I the only one that loves the floof?

❧ He's a floofy goofy. . . this may have won me a bit. . . Maybe. .

Topp Klass Mod Squad

❦ Topp Klass Bebes ❦

Dude!! Atom is too much ~ lol How can he go from hardcore Show Me The Money to cute and sexy Produce 101!!!
Haha A-Tom is a master of a million expressions XD I love/hate him for the wreckage of my list
OMG! amazing selca of them both 😍🤗
This was great! I liked the fluff hair and Nakta is cute!
I miss a tom from topp dogg so much